Strange truths are told of the waves and what lies beneath. The lies are even stranger.
Create this by using Map Scrap in your inventory
Sells for 50 pence

Using Zee-Stories

Tell your Zee-Ztories

What is a story if it isn't told?


Tell tall tales with the Salty Fabulist

This is just the fellow for an evening of rum and nonsense.
[This will always gain you Partial Maps. There may be other effects.]
Unlocked with 50 x Zee-Ztory, Connected: The Docks 3


Go drinking with His Amused Lordship

His Amused Lordship will keep any company once he's had a few. Tell him a few tales to keep him roaring with laughter.
[This will always gain you Strangling Willow Absinthe.]
Unlocked with 50 x Zee-Ztory

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