Your Very Own Infernal Contract
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It's very pretty. You should frame it. And, by the way, you also appear to have parted with your soul.


Where's my soul?

Yes. Well. You appear to have parted with your soul. Perhaps you encountered a particularly persuasive devil. Perhaps you simply needed the money. In any case, if you're missing it at all, you might think about looking for it?
Unlocks: Your very own Infernal Contract 1

No, you're quite content, thanks

All those emotions are so much less troublesome now. Love, guilt, joy, misery, inconvenient things like that.


Your soul is gone. What is left?


Distract yourself with the grape, the hop, the flushed cheek.
Unlocks: 40 x Rostygold

Why not?

People do go on so about souls. Perhaps you shouldn't have let yours go so easily. [This will open up a way to retrieve your soul, though it will require no little perseverance on your part]


Requires 15 Fate

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