Wry Functionary


Still working on this…only way to get this storylet is through the special opportunity card although I believe it moves you to the Palace.


Visit your acquaintance, the Wry Functionary

The Wry Functionary seems to get everywhere in the Shuttered Palace. You could visit him.
Unlocked with Acquaintance: Wry Functionary 1

Go for a glass of wine and a chat

His office is gloomy as a widower's crypt, but very elegantly appointed. He is always glad to see you and the conversation is invariably entertaining, if roundabout.

A meeting with functionaries

You could ask to be introduced to other civil servants that work in the Palace. There are many respectable people worth knowing here.
Unlocked with Acquaintance: Wry Functionary 2

Assistance with legal matters

The Wry Functionary can help you with legal difficulties… given enough compensation. You can acquire Compromising Documents by using Influence items in your inventory.
Unlocked with Acquaintance: Wry Functionary 4, Compromising Document x 3

Pop in while you're passing

You can hear the scratch of a fountain pen from behind the Wry Functionary's office door. He'll probably welcome the interruption.
Unlocked with Spending Secrets 4, Counting the Days 12-13

End this acquaintance

You don't need him any more.

A glass of the good port

That bottle has a lot of dust on it. The Wry Functionary must have something important to say. Perhaps he'll take less than a fortnight saying it.


Requires 3 Fate

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