Wolfstack Docks

Where the steamer fleets come in…

The Docks are Dangerous, but offer opportunities for the very skilled.



What can you find on Wolfstack Docks?

This is where the trading steamer fleets come in from the lands across the Unterzee, the sunless sea of the Bazaar. Mr Fires, who deals with trade in coal, keeps his office here among the warehouses and rowdy dockside pubs.

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You can pursue a number of Dangerous activities at Wolfstack Docks, including hunting sorrow-spiders and engaging in duels. If you are A Person of Some Importance you can also acquire a ship here. Here you are also able to call in favours from the Widow, the Great Game or the Docks if your connections are high enough.

How does one get to Wolfstack Docks?

Gaining passage (a Route Quality) to Wolfstack Docks is opened with 500 x Glim and 200 x Surface Currerncy when your Dangerous Quality is high enough. You can also visit Wolfstack Docks temporarily through The Ways of Wolfstack Docks Opportunity Card. Other Stories may also grant temporary access to Wolfstack Docks. (Wolfstack Docks is most interesting for those who have Dangerous 60+.)

Wolfstack Docks Storylets

The storylets available to you change depending on your Dangerous Quality and whether or not you are involved in a story. The links below will jump to a new page describing the storylets available at Wolfstack Docks.

wolfstack2small.png Storylets with no Dangerous requirement
bearsmall.png Storylets requiring a Dangerous of: 57-70 71-80 81-90
ribbonblacksmall.png Storylets that appear when you are Duelling with the Black Ribbon
shipsmall.png Acquire a Ship
hat_deck_brownsmall.png Opportunity Cards that only appear in Wolfstack Docks

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