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Welcome to the Echo Bazaar/Fallen London Wiki. It can be a bit overwhelming at first so this page will hopefully lead you towards the information you came here for.

Looking stuff up

If you're on the wiki because you're looking for info about a specific item or story, you can probably find it under one of the drop down menus at the top of the page. In detail:


Storylets (cards)

  • Any Storylet that is only found in a specific location can be found under the Places menu.
    • Places In Fallen London lists the areas you can access in the early game, and the other options list stuff you can find farther afield.
  • Most of the rest of the Storylets are listed under the Cards menu. These are more-or-less grouped by their unlock requirements, or Storylets that form a single arc are grouped on their own page. Most of these are Opportunity cards that come up randomly.


  • Much of the game involves acquiring/increasing your qualities, which track your progress. The Qualities menu lists many common qualities, and the rest are listed under Minor Qualities.


Various gameplay guides can be found under the Misc menu at the top, or in the brown box on the left sidebar.

Adding stuff to the wiki

The wiki is not yet complete, and new content gets added to Fallen London all the time anyway. Any help with adding more details to the above pages would be appreciated! For a guide on adding content to the wiki, see How To Edit Pages (work in progress) or feel free to ask on the forums. Also be sure to read Failbetter's Rules about what can be added to the wiki.

Beyond making sure that everything is up to date, here's a few specific projects that you can work on if you have time:

  • Fill out any missing branch results — these will be either listed in BLUE on the wiki or say "(unknown)" on the spoiler
  • Record the chance of occurrence for Opportunity cards — see Frequency for details.
  • Work out the exact stat checks for passing challenges.
  • Flesh out the Qualities lists - add the text labels for different stat levels, and more detail on where you can acquire different qualities from.

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