Things to do at Watchmaker's Hill...

When your Dangerous is 41-50

31-40 bearsmall.png 51-60

Donate your body to science for an hour or two.

Because death in the Fifth City is often transitory, there is a shortage of corpses upon which surgeons can practice their trade. Instead, they rely upon brave volunteers capable of lying very, very still.
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 41]

Lie very, very still.

After all, they pay well, they'll sew you back up afterwards, and they promise to put everything back where they found it.

_ Dangerous challenge

Talk them through your wounds

It will require prodigious willpower and grit, but how impressive it will be when you guide them calmly through your collection of scars as they cut you open to get a good look.

_ Dangerous challenge

The Painted Ring: Take part in an illegal fighting ring

The last of Feducci's fighting-rings is just a red circle daubed around the dome of St. Fiacre's Cathedral, high above the city.
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 44]

Step into the ring and fight without mercy

Feducci himself is watching this bout, perched upon the cross atop the dome. Let's see if it's possible to impress the old crow.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 53)

Step into the ring and fight patiently

The cavern breezes of the Neath are stronger up here. The stone is slick with dripwater. You can't afford mistakes.
(Watchful challenge, straightforward at 52)


Rescue shipwrecked Clay Men

A barge carrying Clay Men upstream has run aground in Bugsby's Marshes. Its cargo is wandering dejectedly through the marshes, being picked off by monsters.
Unlocked with Dangerous 45

Go to their assistance

The barge owner stands to lose a substantial sum. He'll pay you to retrieve as many Clay Men as you can
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 54)


Smiles! Put that man down!

Jack-of-Smiles: half-immortal and all nuisance. The indefatigable body-switching murderer is on another killing spree in Watchmaker's Hill. A committee of concerned citizens has requested your help.
Unlocked with Dangerous 47

Dress up as a victim and wait to be stabbed

You're really not sure about this plan. But Jack-of-Smiles has annoyed you in the past. You'd love to see his face. Whatever it is these days.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 56)


Deal with Unfinished Men

Unfinished Men are Clay Men who lack something, like sight or a voice or sanity or a conscience. A spate of robberies and assaults in the Hill has been traced to Unfinished Men operating under cover of the rescued Clay Men.
Unlocked with Dangerous 50

Stand guard

Shopkeepers will pay well to keep the loamy menace from their doors and windows.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 59)

Root out the Unfinished Men

Unfinished Men usually have something physical missing, as well as the sinister elements in their clay souls. But it is possible to mistake a maimed Clay Man for a malignant Unfinished one.
(Watchful challenge, straightforward at 64)

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