Things to do in Watchmaker's Hill...

When your Dangerous is 31-40

21-30 bearsmall.png 41-50

Drive off a troublesome pack of marsh-wolves

Wolves or dogs gone bad, it's not clear. But they gather beneath the Observatory walls each night and howl, and it's driving the astronomers out of their minds.
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 32 (No longer available at Dangerous 47]

Load for wolf

You equip yourself with a wolving-rifle from the Observatory armoury and sit vigil.
(Dangerous challenge; straightforward at 56)

Lure them away

More dangerous, but at least you won't add the noise of gunfire to the sounds keeping the astronomers awake.
[Dangerous challenge]


The Ring of Meat: Take part in an illegal fighting ring.

Feducci, an exiled prince of the Tomb-Colonies, runs a makeshift arena called the Ring of Meat down in one of the warehouses by the wharves.
Unlocked with Dangerous 33 (No longer available at Dangerous 48)

Fight clean

You step into the ring with a crack of your knuckles. You can get this done quick and clean. Quick, anyway. (requires Dangerous)
(Dangerous challenge; modest at 39, straightforward at 57)

Fight dirty

There are no rules in Feducci's tournaments. Time to see if your opponent remembered that.
(Shadowy challenge; low-risk at 38)


Get to your quarry before Jack-of-Smiles

The enthusiastic murderer has taken to choosing his victims from Wanted posters. This is proving inconvenient.
Unlocked with Dangerous 35 (No longer available at Dangerous 50)

Jack's claimed dibs!

The red grin drawn across your quarry's wanted poster is a clear statement of his intent. You need to find your target before he does.
(Dangerous challenge; chancy at 38, straightforward at 59)


The Ring of Roses: Take part in an illegal fighting ring

Under Heartscross cemetery is a crypt for the dead of an old plague. On certain nights, petals of grave-flowers are scattered in a circle to mark a fighting-ring…
Unlocked with Dangerous 38 (No longer available at Dangerous 53)

Step into the ring and fight savagely

In Feducci's second ring, the first person to make a sound loses. You decide to go in quick and hard.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 47)

Step into the ring; trick your opponent

You test the balance of your blade. Your opponent grins, and you note his overconfidence…
(Persuasive challenge)

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