Things to do at Watchmaker's Hill...

When your Dangerous is 21-30

11-20 bearsmall.png 31-40

Lady seeks bodyguard

She's no lady. And if her charms are a little faded, her eyes still sparkle. The scarlet stockings mark her as one of Mr Wines' employees.
Unlocked with Dangerous 23 and Dangerous no more than 37

Escort for an evening

Few would molest a wearer of the scarlet stockings. But Watchmaker's Hill is a rough place, and the occasional drunk needs to be dissuaded.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  


Menace Eradication Contract: Sorrow-spider infestation

Destroy an infestation of sorrow-spiders
The Department of Menace Eradication will pay for the eradication of a sorrow-spider infestation.
Unlocked with Dangerous 24 (No longer available at Dangerous 35)

Actions for this Venture all occur in Watchmaker's Hill. They are gathered on their own page.


Rats in your lunch!

You've brought a knapsack of bread and cheese with you to the Hill today. When you open it, the cheese is gone, the bread has been largely consumed, and you appear to have won a bonus rat.
Unlocked with Dangerous 25 and Troubled by Vermin no more than 1

Let it go

Let the filthy thing live.

Vermin! Kill it!

How did it get in there? You had heard noises in your lodgings -

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

You still have rats in your lunch!

Another freeloading rodent has decided to share your lunch without permission. It regards you impassively as it cleans the last of your food off its whiskers.
Unlocked with Troubled by Vermin 1

Let it go!

Surely it won't know the way back to your lodgings? What harm will another rat do in Fallen London?

Kill the vermin!

Your lodgings must be full of the furry wretches.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

Weasel-fanciers are abroad

The Ancient and Honourable Company of Weasel-Fanciers are having a day out at the Hill. Prize fighting-weasels are getting some exercise on the local rat population.
Unlocked with Dangerous 26 and Dangerous no more than 40

Help keep the L.B.'s away

No weasel-fancier wants their favourite beast shot or trapped. Your reputation as a rat-slayer could be lucrative here. [[include challengeD]

One man and a weasel

If you have your own weasel, you could join in. There are prizes for speed, elegance and the most rats killed.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  
weaselsmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Lucky Weasel]

One man and a weasel of distinction

If you have an Araby fighting-weasel, you can show these amateurs how a real weasel fights.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  
weaselfightsmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Araby Fighting-Weasel]

A resurrected tradition

That gang of drunkards isn't so very drunk. The British Empire last used press gangs in the dark days when Napoleon prowled the continent. Then they abolished them. Mr Fires rather likes the idea though.
Unlocked with Dangerous 29

Cosh a few and be on your way.

This gang of faux-drunkards is snaring dazed zailors to serve in the filthy and perilous confines of Mr Fires' dirigibles. Liberty must be defended. Defend it now with a smack on the back of the head.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

Offer your services to the press gang

What matter the work if there's money to be made?

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

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