Things to do at Watchmaker's Hill...

When your Dangerous is 1-10

watchmakershillsmall.png  bearsmall.png 11-20

The Department of Menace Eradication

The Department's chief office is an incongruously handsome seventeenth-century building, though the years and Fall have taken their toll. Its white walls have darkened to a shade between nicotine and ivory. It lies between the Hill and the River. Step carefully in the entrance hall. The tiles tilt.

Find a rat-catcher to work with in the Marshes

Hardy, leather-faced women and men lurk in the Department grounds, waiting for partners or assistants. It's dangerous work.
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 1]
[This storylet will cost you 2 actions!]

Follow a chandler to her workshop

A woman's tugging at the sleeves of professionals outside the Department. They shrug and turn away. She turns to you.'The rat-catchers won't help me - ' she says. 'They won't touch anything that flies!'
[This storylet will cost you 2 actions!]

Claim bounty

It is raining outside the Department of Menace Eradication. A long stoic queue of rat-catchers waits outside, each with their sack of rodent corpses. This will turn in all your rats on a string. The current rate is eleven Rostygold for ten rats.
ratsstringsmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Rat on a String]
[This storylet will cost you 5 actions!]

Rowdy times at the Medusa's Head

Rat-catchers, spider-crushers and monster-hunters drink here. If you want to be anything on the Hill, you'll have to prove yourself.

Arm-wrestle a rat-catcher

A realistically defeatable opponent. Although still a respectably muscular one.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

Arm-wrestle a Clay Man

A much more challenging opponent. Clay Men are employed in the nearby docks to do the work of any three normal men…but they're not too bright.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

Subdue unruly drunks

Ensure the guests behave, pay, and don't throw up on anyone too important.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

A better class of violence

If only you had someone to watch your back! You could invite a friend from the Surface to be your partner in blood and glory! If nothing else, it will doubtless lead to being paid better. [This will invite someone who isn't playing to join you, and start a lucrative story if they do.]


Tame the undergrowth

The landlord of the Medusa's Head wants a beer-garden. He has a convenient spot picked out, but the ground is choked with sucking daffodils and other botanical predators.
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 2 and Dangerous no higher than 11]

Aggressive gardening

The plants of Fallen London scoff at photosynthesis. They get their vital nutrients from whatever they can grab and squeeze. The landlord provides you with a machete and a stout set of overalls.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  


Ambition: Bag a Legend!

On long evenings at the Medusa's Head, where the monster-hunters drink, they brag about the beasts they've bagged - the Cantigaster, the Eater-of-Chains, the Spider Council, Jack-of-Smiles in his many bodies…
Unlocks: Dangerous 6

ancientriflesmall.png Storylets for this Ambition occur all around Fallen London. They are gathered on their own page.


Needle-wrestling for a prize of rostygold

In smoky, raucous public houses like the Medusa's Head, needle-wrestling is popular. Also dangerous, unhygienic, fun, and occasionally profitable.
bearsmall.png [Unlocked with Dangerous 9 and Dangerous no higher than 23]

Play it safe

Compete against other newcomers, using needles that sting but aren't coated with narcotic poisons.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

Turn it up a notch

Wrestle a professional.

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge  

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