What will you do with your Grubby Kitten?

What an adorable little scrap. Although she needs a bath.
Unlocked with Grubby Kitten 1

Find out what she knows

Like all cats in Fallen London, this kitten will tell you secrets. If you can catch her.
Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 130

Send her to the Surface with an invitation for a friend

Choose someone you have always wanted to see in Fallen London.

Be rid of her

The Grubby Kitten may be adorable, but she's troublesome. And malodorous. [Do this if you want another Connection-related pet.]

Set your kitten to catching rats

She might as well make herself useful…

Dreaded challenge. High-risk at 3, chancy at 5, modest at 6

Give her a name

All cats should have names.

Introduce her to the Starveling Cat

Should you have the dreadful misfortune to share your home with the vile thing. [This is undoubtedly a terrible idea.]

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