Weapons available at the Bazaar


Emergency Blunderbuss
The 'emergency' in question is generally 'I really do need a gun, but I have no money to speak of'. Still, if you point it away from you, it usually won't kill you.


Horsehead Amulet
Clutch this to your breast and it brings you health, they say. And a reputation for gullibility.

  • Will save you from death, once in the forgotten quarter.

*(sells for 250 pence)


Skyglass Knife
These turn up in the ruins. From the Third City, it's said. They're useless as cutlery, but handy for murder.


Tasselled Walking-Stick
A tassel! What will they think of next!


Ancient Hunting Rifle
This thing is dangerous to everyone.


Patent Scrutinizer
The only weapon a consulting detective needs.


Tasselled Sword-Cane
A stylish accoutrement for one who fears they might be beset by footpads.


Brass Ring
A mark of the wearer's allegiance to Hell. A foolish affectation among young blades in Fallen London. Although it does suggest a certain devil-may-care glamour.


Irresistible Drum
Come! All must join the dance!


Amber-Topped Walking-Stick
That's deep amber, that the Rubbery Men trade. How they get it, no-one knows. One hopes it's nothing unhygienic.


Burglar's tools. Where do the underclasses get these extraordinary words?

64 Echoes, 80 pence


Ravenglass Knife
What they did to this knife, no-one wants to explain.


Patent Scrutinizer Deluxe!
If it exists, it's visible through this.


Intricate Kifers
Kifers. But more so.


Infernal Sharpshooter's Rifle
When the Army attempted its disastrous invasion of Hell's hinterlands, these weapons made hardened veterans sob and grovel in the mud.


Poison-Tipped Umbrella
The modern assassin's companion. Be careful when it rains.


Ratwork Watch
A perfect, if fragile, timekeeper. And, very rarely, a Trojan Horse for infant rat-burglars.

Weapons not available at the Bazaar


Prison Shiv
A chisel wrapped in a rag: a prisoner's weapon.


Warm Amber
An eye-sized chunk of deep amber. Disturbingly warm to the touch. But oddly hard to put down.

  • Persuasive +2
  • Obtained from hunting for curios at the Forgotten Quarter (rare find), while pursuing An Acclaimed Beauty in the Empress' Court, or from dealings with Rubbery Men.


Rattus Faber Rifle
A rat-scaled weapon! Horribly fiddly to load. But a deadly surprise at close range.


Sandalwood Club
A very pleasant-smelling sort of blunt instrument.


Vake-Killing Club
A sandalwood club with the Vake's tooth hammered into it. Even now the tooth shifts and clatters.


Drownie Song of the Deep
The melody recalls lightless, blood-freezing depths.


Exceptional Petal
Velvety to the touch, fringed with savage spines, deepest russet.

  • Persuasive +2, Dangerous +1
  • Obtained from being one of the 5 most Admired people at the end of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose


Forbidden Map-Fragment
Who feared this map enough to destroy it? Who is it still seeks the fragments? One thing's for certain: knowledge is power.


Spirifer's Fork
A device used for extracting loosely-tethered souls.


Shepherd's Timepiece
A subtle sign of recognition for those who would return souls to their rightful owners.


A Bag of Fierce Mint Humbugs
You couldn't ask for a finer introduction. As long as your new acquaintances like peppermint.

  • Persuasive +2
  • Obtained through the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor quality.


Myriad Keys
Each key's shank bears a secret. They open a hundred mysterious doors. But try carrying them without their jingling waking the dead.


Spiked Rosary


Bejewelled Cane
Excuse me? Could you put a cover on that? It's blinding the butler.


Everlasting Candle
An ordinary candle, inscribed with tiny symbols of Correspondence. No darkness can abash its cold green flame. Ideal for birthday parties.


Consonant Violin
Said to have been played by the Consort when he first romanced the Empress at Kensington Palace


Ratting Piece
Guarantee the Utter Devastation of the Murine Foeman! Accurate at a Distance of Numerous Yards! Stock may be Employed as a Cudgel against Rats with Pellet-Proof Hides! Includes Fold-Out Sighting Tools and Spoor Store!


Key-to-Heart Dagger
This charming toy says: I love you, kill me. Or: join me in the game of Knife and Candle-Lit Dinners. Or: here is the key to my heart. Or: you wound me. A thousand messages, a single gift! Someone values you.


Box of Potentials
This gift is probably a token of new life and possibility, and almost certainly not a ghastly insult.


Mirrorcatch Box
The best way to store light, and certain other mysterious substances. There are few of these, and they are hotly sought-after. [Be careful about telling other players that you have one of these. They may find a way to steal it.]

  • Baroque! + 10
  • Obtainable at one point from a meta puzzle. There are 100 of these currently in existence.


Iron Republic Journal
'…what I had to go through to create this…'

  • Bizarre + 1, Dreaded + 1
  • Obtainable when leaving the Iron Republic
  • (Sells for 15 Echoes)

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