Observation, intelligence, deduction


Watchful is one of the 4 Main Qualities. It determines your observational ability. See Main Qualities for details about how Main Qualities work.


Watchful Locations Ladybones Road
The Forgotten Quarter
The University
Other Watchful opportunities
Ambition Quality Heart's Desire (with Persuasive)
Nemesis (with Dangerous)
Bag a Legend (with Dangerous)
Second Chances eyesmall.png Sudden Insight
demetersmall.png Listening Candle
Associated Menace Nightmares

Modifying Watchful

Your equipment can modify your Watchful value. It does so additively (ie. a hat with +1 Watchful will always increase your Watchful by a full point.) — change points are ignored.

+8 Extraordinary Hat, Gloam-Foam, Semiotic Monocle, Snuffer's Face
+6 Exceptional Hat
+5 Luminous Neathglass Goggles
+2 Archaeologist's Hat, Neathglass Goggles, Revolting Disguise
+1 Persuasive Hat
–1 Sporing Bonnet
–3 Deafening Hat
+10 Smock of Four Thousand Three Hundred and Eight Pockets
+5 Academic Gown
+3 Formidable Gown, Morning Suit
+2 Faded Morning Suit, Fourth City Rags, Maidservant's Uniform, Moderately Co-operative Clothes Colony
–1 Bloodstained Suit, Rough Gown
+8 Insatiable Glove
+6 Voracious Glove
+5 Avid Glove
+2 Eager Glove
–1 Master Thief's Hands
+8 Ratwork Watch
+7 Patent Scrutinizer Deluxe
+4 Myriad Keys, Patent Scrutinizer
+2 Everlasting Candle, Ratting Piece
+1 Forbidden Map-Fragment
–1 Irresistible Drum, Vake-Killing Club
–4 Drownie Song of the Deep
+2 Mirror-Polished Shoes
+20 Overgoat
+8 Midnight Matriarch, Scuttering Squad
+7 Affable Spy, Mystic Raven Advisor
+6 Haunted-looking Dog, Philosophical Raven Advisor, Presbyterate Diplomat
+5 Malevolent Monkey
+4 Cardsharp Monkey
+3 Watchful Doll
+2 Bifurcated Owl, Canny Costermonger, Corresponding Ocelot, Dazed Raven Advisor, Devious Raven Advisor, Dreamy Raven Advisor, Grubby Urchin, Hound of Heaven, Hysterical Monkey, Unscrupulous Raven Advisor, Winsome Dispossessed Orphan
+1 Rubbery Hound, Wary Raven Advisor
–1 Araby Fighting-Weasel, Somnolent Hyaena
–3 Half-Wild Mandrake
–25 Talkative Rattus Faber
+1 Newspaper
Home Comfort
+1 Voluminous Library
Constant Companion
+1 Celebrated Artist's Model, Cultured Attaché

Items in green are not available at the Bazaar.

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