Villainy: Area-Diving


Villainy: Area-diving

Actions for the Villainy: Area-diving Venture are all found in Spite.

You will need to raise your Casing… quality to advance this Venture. New options appear when your Casing… quality reaches 5.

Once this Venture is available, you can complete it multiple times.


Villainy for profit: Area-diving

The area is the lower stairs where the kitchen staff go in and out. The area-dive is the art of sneaking in and finding whatever valuables have been left about.

[You'll need to build up a Casing… quality to at least 5 to complete this.]
Unlocked with Shadowy 21 No longer available at Shadowy 32

That sounds profitable…

Time it right, and they might not have locked away the silverware, or you might intercept a delivery of something tasty.


Villainy for profit: Area-diving!

The area is rarely locked up, but staff are always in and out, timing is everything.

You'll need to build up a Casing… quality to at least 5 to complete this.
blackglovesmall.png [Unlocked with Villainy: Area-diving 1]

A straightforward approach… Get close and watch

You need to make sure you're not spotted.

_ Shadowy challenge

This might be faster… Chat to the kitchen staff on their way in and out

Find out their routines.

_ Persuasive challenge

Area-diving: the first dive

Tonight is the night…
Unlocked with Villainy: Area-diving 1, Casing… 5

All is prepared

The servants will be busy with a salon. In and out fast, that's the key.
(Casing… challenge; modest at 5, straightforward at 8)


Area-diving: the box in the pantry

Back to that well-appointed house tonight…
Unlocked with Villainy: Area-diving 2, Casing… 5

Flex your fingers.

Same as last time. Wait for the salon to get going, then in and out fast.
(Casing… challenge; modest at 5)


Area-diving: what to do?

You have a substantial collection of scandalous material, stolen from an otherwise respectable pantry. What are you going to do with it all?
Unlocked with Villainy: Area-diving 3

Keep it.

One could probably find a buyer for the stuff. Or, perhaps, one might have one's own uses for it.

Hand it over to the authorities for burning.

The Ministry of Public Decency will be pleased to take this cache off your hands and set fire to it. There may even be a reward.

A spot of blackmail.

You'll have to study your target again, but this could be very profitable.

Into the river with it.

Filth! Get rid of it right now! You can't wait for the Ministry to get here. if you're having trouble with scandal, this will certainly help.


Area-diving: A spot of blackmail.

The owner of the house you burgled has, or rather had, a collection of scandalous material. That's unlucky for her.
Unlocked with Villainy: Area-diving 4, Casing… 5

Blackmail her.

They say money makes the world turn. Today, it buys back a collection of indecent zoetropes.
(Casing… challenge; modest at 5)

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