Venture: Uncover hidden tattoos


Venture: uncover hidden tattoos

Actions for the Venture: uncover hidden tattoos Venture are all found in Veilgarden.

You will need to raise your Fascinating… quality to advance this Venture. New options appear when your Fascinating… quality reaches 5.

Once this Venture is available, you can complete it multiple times.

Levels of this Venture are not currently named.


Venture: uncover hidden tattoos

You've heard that a Tattooed Courier is carrying secrets of especial value. If you can only arrange to see those coded tattoos…

[You'll need to build up a Fascinating… quality to at least 5 to complete this. ]
Unlocks: Persuasive 36 (No longer available at Persuasive 47)

This will require creative thinking.

She is famously faithful to her paramour. Seduction is probably out of the question. But there may be another way…


Venture: uncover hidden tattoos

If you win the Tattooed Courier's confidence, perhaps you can persuade her to be sketched in a state of nature. It won't be easy.

[You'll need to build up a Fascinating… quality to at least 5 to complete this. ]
Unlocks: Venture: Uncover hidden tattoos 1

A straightforward approach… Idle chats in the Singing Mandrake

Surely your charm will win out in the end!
(Persuasive challenge; modest at 40, straightforward at 45)

This might be faster… Sketch her on napkins

If you can make it a sufficiently flattering likeness-
(Persuasive challenge; modest at 43)


Venture: uncover hidden tattoos: the resolution!

You've persuaded the Tattooed Courier back to your makeshift studio.
tattoosmall.png [Unlocked with: Venture: Uncover hidden tattoos 1]
roseyellowsmall.png [Unlocked with: Fascinating… 5]

Make the case for adventure in the name of Art.

Her beauty cannot be permitted to perish with the passage of time! Your work will serve as an eternal record! Tasteful, decorous nudity is quite the rage! And so forth.

_ Fascinating... challenge; modest at 5, straightforward at 8

Perhaps a more traditional approach is called for after all.

She's taken a liking to you, you think. And famous fidelity or not, she does look quite ravishing there in the moonish light. [Warning: failing here may mean you have to start over!]

_ Fascinating... challenge; modest at 8, straightforward at 12

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