Venderbight Opportunities

With Ambition: Nemesis 11.


A glass of oblivion

When you are dead, you're less fussy about what you drink. There is so little left that you can even taste.

Carouse with the dead

An evening drinking the black wines of the far Neath? In the company of mumbling, bad-tempered quasi-corpses? Delicious.

Unlocks: Dangerous 70


'Permanent Surgeon'?

What exactly is a 'Permanent Surgeon'? That bandaged woman over by the well has just used the phrase.

Listen carefully

Don't get too close.

Unlocks: Watchful 72
(modest at 80)


The society pages?

Marriage is not unknown in the tomb-colonies, although the Church dithers rather on the significance of wedlock in death. Two lovers, wrapped in the rose satin bandages of the rich and relatively beautiful, approach you. They've heard you're newly come from London. Can you do them a favour?

Assist them - in exchange for information

They'd like their marriage announced in the society pages of the Unexpurgated London Gazette. Unfortunately their deaths have already been announced there. Can you pull a few strings?

Unlocks: Connected - Society 10


Dicing with the dead

In an alley behind an abandoned music-hall, three tomb-colonists are gambling for secrets.

Join them

They barely look up from your game as you settle beside them in the dust.

Unlocks: Crpytic Clue x 100
(A matter of luck - it could go either way)


Not quite silence

A bandaged woman sits in a grey park beneath a withered tree. She's playing a violin: the notes are lost in the darkness above. But the tune snags at your memory.


You taught that song to your spouse, not long before…

Pass on

The dead are dead. You want vengeance, not nostalgia.


A limping fellow

A tomb-colonist in a stained leather apron limps after you, pleading. 'Weasels. I must have weasels. Please, ah, Si-, er, Mad-, er, yes. Do you have weasels for me?'

Give him his weasels

He won't say what he plans to do with them. But it's bound to work out all right. They are, after all, lucky little fellows.
This choice is locked for now.
Unlocks: 3 x Lucky Weasel


A pugilistic interlude

Martially inclined tomb-colonists are among the most skilled in existence. They've died a hundred times and learned from each death. Although their state of decrepitude often limits their abilities.

Fight for secrets

Bandaged warriors fight with silence and dedication in the park by the empty bandstand. You see techniques from three continents, things done with fists and feet that you might have thought impossible. Are you up to the challenge?

Unlock: Dangerous 75
Results unknown



Down at the docks, slow-moving dockworkers in sacking bandages are unloading great quantities of marble from a steamer. Are the tomb-colonists constructing something monumental?

Learn about the destination of the crates

The dockworkers will share information for silk to fashion better bandages. For themselves, or their wives? Or indeed their husbands? It's hard to make out any details beneath the crepey folds of sacking bandage.

Unlock: 100 x Silk Scrap


An improbable fashion

Here in the tomb-colonies, there is an eternal insufficiency of hats. This Bandaged Milliner would like you to help him rectify that.

Bring him Ridiculous Hats

He swears that they're the new thing for the colonist about town. He will help you with your search if you can satisfy the hunger for hats…

Unlock: 5 x Ridiculous Hat
Results unknown

Bring him an Exceptional Hat

No truly exceptional hatter would knowingly allow their creations to be exported to the tomb-colonies. You are his only hope.

Unlock: 1 x Exceptional Hat
Results unknown


An aerial hazard

The bats of Venderbight are hefty, lurching things. They fly very low. If you didn't know better you'd think they were drunk. Is that a message on a bat's leg?

Snatch a bat out of the air!

Just how fast are you?

Unlock: Dangerous 70


Honey for the dead

Diversion is in short supply out here, and the tomb-colonies have their share of honey-addicts.

Here: taste, and dream

If you can arrange for the delivery of honey, they'll whisper secrets to you in exchange.

Unlock: 200 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey

A more traditional solution

No! you'll have nothing more to do with honey. Let them drown their memories in wine.

**Unlock: 300 x Greyfields 1882*(

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