Things to do in Veilgarden...

When your Persuasive is 41-50

31-40 foxsmall.png 51-60

Assist a Dilettante Poet in writing lurid poetry

A Dilettante Poet of your acquaintance is trying to write something truly outrageous. Unfortunately, his experience with scandalous indecency is limited. He thinks you might be able to help.
Unlocks: Persuasive 41 (No longer available at Persuasive 56)

Assist him with his research

You have plenty of material already, of course. But he's prepared to pay your expenses. All you need to do is take notes.
(Persuasive challenge; modest at 46, straightforward at 50)

A riskier option: bluff your way into the Parlour of Virtue

The Parlour of Virtue is the most notorious of the carnal establishments of Mr Wines. Security is tight, but there is scandal aplenty. You plan to bluff your way in.
(Persuasive challenge; modest at 49, straightforward at 53)


Rescue banned books

A Starving Poet of your acquaintance has written a volume of poetry which has provoked public outrage. He has gone into hiding to avoid being exiled. All the existing copies have been confiscated by the Ministry for Public Decency.
[Unlocked with Persuasive 43, no longer available at Persuasive 58]

Pose as an investigator for the Ministry of Public Decency

You know enough about the contents of the book and the scandal it's provoked to bluff. But you don't have any sort of identifying papers.
A challenge for your Persuasive quality. [modest at 48, straightforward at 52]

Find the work a new publisher

Work of this… daring needs to be seen! Damn the censors - you'll see this back in print no matter how many copies they confiscate.
A challenge for your Persuasive quality. [modest at 51, straightforward at 55]


Arrange a secret reading of banned poetry

Art cannot be chained! Besides, the publican at the Eel and Compass is prepared to offer you a cut of the profits if you bring in enough custom.
Unlocks with Persuasive 45, Proscribed Material 1 (No longer available at Persuasive 60)

Put out the word

'The time: the next midnight. The place: the private bar at the Eel and Compass. You may wish to come masked, to avoid arrest by the Constables.'


Entering society

It is time to move in more refined company. High society beckons.
Unlocks: Persuasive 45

Getting in with the servants

The first step is the confidence of the servantry. Lending them a hand with their intrigues may pay dividends.
(Persuasive challenge; chancy at 49)


The Seamstress's favour

Anyone who is anyone is wearing the creations of a certain seamstress this season. You are not, yet.
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 47]

Threading the needle

The seamstress charges a truly prodigious fee since she became fashionable. Perhaps you can charm a creation out of her.

_ Persuasive challenge


Are you in the book?

'Slowcake's Exceptionals' is the definitive guide to notable persons of London. You must be in it.
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 50]

Penning oneself into history

They want documented evidence of notability? You'll give them evidence!

_ Persuasive challenge

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