The more Persuasive may enjoy this part of town…

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What can you find in Veilgarden?

A haunt of poets, prostitutes and other low types, and location of the notorious Singing Mandrake. Elderwick is famous for its booksellers. Hollow Street offers the best honey-dens in the city.

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This is one of the first areas you have access to as a new character in Fallen London. Storylets challenging your Persuasive Quality occur here and more appear as that Quality rises. Certain other opportunities will appear if certain stories or events occur within the game. The Heart's Desire Ambition begins in Veilgarden, also.

Veilgarden storylets…

Storylets in Veilgarden appear and disappear depending on the level of your Persuasive Quality and whether or not you are involved in a story. The links below will jump to a new page describing storylets available at Veilgarden.

foxsmall.png Storylets requiring a Persuasive of: 0-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-50 51-60 61-70
forgersmall.png Storylets that appear if you have Acquaintance: Repentant Forger
bohogirl3small.png Storylets that appear if you are the Darling of the Ambassador's Ball
writersmall.png Storylets that appear when you are creating a story on spec at the Writer's Desk

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