Using Connections

Cashing in Connections

Excepting Urchins (~.85 Echos) and Revolutionaries (1.2 Echos), all of these provide 2.4 Echoes of rewards and use up about 100 change points

Bohemian……………….shuttered palace…………120 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey
Criminals………………..The Flit 240 x Moon-pearl
Hell………………………….The Forgotten Quarter 240 x Nevercold Brass
Revolutionaries………..The Flit 30 x Proscribed Material
Rubbery Men…………..The Forgotten Quarter 240 x Deep Amber
Society…………………….shuttered palace 120 x Greyfields 1882
The Church …………….shuttered palace 240 x Foxfire Candle Stub
The Constables………..shuttered palace 80 x Surface Currency
The Docks……………….Wolfstack Docks 240 x Glim
The Great Game………Wolfstack Docks 120 x Cryptic Clues
The Orient……………….Wolfstack Docks 240 x Jade Fragment
The Tomb-Colonies…..The Forgotten Quarter 120 x Primordial Shriek
Urchins……………………The Flit random reward worth approx 85 pence.

Later, you can also cash in Society at court for 4 x London Street Sign and a point of suspicion. This is worth 10 Echoes, and reduces your Connected:Society by about 460 points.

Connections in detail

One of the first Connections you can get is criminals, available in New Newgate via the "Start a brawl" card, and when visiting either Repentant Forger or Sardonic Music Hall Singer acquaintances. Having Connected: Criminals 2 unlocks the "University of Crime" card - a useless card so it may be worth avoiding Connected: Criminals to improve your odds of drawing a good card. Connected: Criminals 3 unlocks a suspicion reducing option on the "Stuttering fence", while Connected: Criminals 20 unlocks the "A Grass" option on "The talkative gaoler" - this completely removes all suspicion and Connected: Criminals. However as it's possible to remove all suspicion with the "The new cell" and "The passing dirigible" cards, this means spending 210+ change points to save a single action - only worth it if the cards have been very unkind.
Of more use, Connected: Criminals 6 unlocks the action on the "Increase your Casing… quality: a chat with Fast Hetty's husband" card - this costs 6 change points of Connected, but grants 10 change points of Casing… making it very valuable even at high levels. {Casing… disappears should you be imprisoned, so complete the score before being arrested!}
Once you are a person of some importance, you will want this connection at 20 to unlock the gaining a criminal reputation storylet.
Connected: Criminals has a conflict card with Connected: Constables, so it is preferable to keep one of the two below 10.

Connected: Bohemian is also available early on (especially via the Acquaintance: Repentant Forger) and Connected: Bohemian 10 unlocks the "A rather decadent evening" card. This card is an excellent source of Confident Smiles and so very useful early in the game. The card is both a Persuasive and Connected challenge; succeeding in the Connected challenge greatly increases your rewards, but at the cost of about 3 times as much Connected: Bohemian.
Connected: Bohemian has a conflict card with Connected: Church, so it is preferable to keep one of the two below 10.

Connected: Urchins is the most useless of the Connections. Its' cash-in value is only a third of the others (and so usually less than what you'd get for an ordinary action); it has conflicts with three other groups - Hell, The Docks and The Orient - and its' special card is hideously over priced, giving a sapphire for 200 rostygold. Avoid Connected: Urchins like the plague.

Connected: Society however is the best Connection available. It's worth noting that the "The Ways of the Shuttered Palace" allows travel to the Shuttered Palace: once there Connected: Society can be traded for Greyfields 1882, which in turn can be spent to buy permanent access to the palace. Connected: Society can be spent to access the Court, but this is expensive; it is usually better to spend Connected: The Duchess for Court access. (If you must use Connected:Society, then trade it in for Connected: Duchess using the "Call in favours at the Shuttered Palace"/'Curry favour with the Duchess' storylet, as this is more cost effective tha spending it directly). Once in Court, Connected: Society can be spent to gain London Street Signs (one of which can be spent to gain access to the Forgotten Quarter). Connected: Society is easily increased in Court, in particular using the "Attend to matters of romance/Attend courtly functions", "Tea at Court" and "Someone else's scandal" options. Once you are Carving Out a Reputation at Court "You have rivals" requires Connected: Society 50.
The only conflict card is with the Tomb Colonies.

Connected: The Great Game unlocks the "On the Trail of the Cheesemonger" and An Agent Of The Cheesemonger storylines; also the "A new piece in the Game" card. It can be gained early via the "A parliament of bats" card. Level 5 is needed for the "Riding Your Velocipede" card, which in turn increases your Connected (to a maximum of 15). Level 10 is required to access Wilmot's End. Only conflict card is with The Church; once you have a Velocipede, it's worth increasing Connected: The Great Game to 11(+5 change points) and then taking the conflict card - dropping Connected: The Great Game costs nothing as you will rebuild it with Velocipede cards, and you will gain four 2nd chances and a point of Austere.

Connected: Revolutionaries is another valuable Connection. Level 5 unlocks the Revolutionary Firebrand storyline, while level 15 unlocks "The people's art" when Carving Out a Reputation at Court. The only conflict card is with the Rubbery Men.

Connected: The Constables comes into its' own late in the game, where level 30 is one of the unlocks for the velocipede squad, and one the velocipede squad action is a Connected: The Constables challenge. Only conflict is with Connected: Criminals.

The primary value of Connected: Hell is that at level 5 it unlocks the "Stealth Watch Repair" card: a card whose value increases depending on which Rat companions you possess. However Connected: Hell is also useful for those engaged in the (Fate only) Trade of Souls storyline: The "Unfinished Business in Spite./The prince of…" storylet provides 50 souls and is unlocked by Connected: Hell 10. However, there are several other cards of limited use that are unlocked by this Connection, so avoiding it may improve your deck.

Connected: The Docks 20 can be useful when Acquiring A Ship, reducing the cost of hiring a crew. Has conflict cards with both Orient and Urchins. One of the rewards from the "A tournament of weasels!" lucky result.

Connected: Rubbery Men 1 unlocks the "A limping figure in a top hat beckons" card; it's only action (unlocked with
Connected: Rubbery Men 5) is a reasonable source of Sudden Insights and occasional source of Warm Amber. However, it has conflict cards with the Constables, Revolutionaries and Tomb Colonies, so keep below level 10.

Connected: Tomb Colonies has conflict cards with Society and Rubbery Men. Connected: Tomb Colonies 5 unlocks the 'The music of the tomb' storylet when creating a masterpiece in Court; not useful otherwise, not even when in the Tomb Colonies!

Connected: Church is useful in the 4th Coil of the Labyrinth of Tigers; however this can be easily increase up to level 100 with the "Into the Fourth Coil/Scout out the Fourth Coil" option when you first arrive, so there is scant point in increasing it beforehand. Even the "Mortification of the flesh!" option when Carving Out a Reputation at Court doesn't require Connected: Church. You do need level 5 to murder a vicar when Attending To The Needs Of A Singular Plant - and if your Connected: Church exceeds 10, there is no penalty for doing so. Once you are a person of some importance, you will want this connection at 20 for an unlock in the making friends among god's editors storylet.

Unusual Connections

Connected: the Duchess. Acquired in the palace, the Duchess can grant you access to the Court comparatively cheaply, losing about 30 change points (compared to 210 change points with Connected: Society). The Duchess disapproves of mistreatment of cats, so it is best to resolve any "Pass the cat" experiments before seeking her favour. This Connection has story links in both the Labyrinth and the university

Connected: the Masters is incredibly rare and expensive, but not very useful. Most storylets granting this Connection cap out at level 1 or 2, making pursuing the Masters pointless. Those who wish to engage in this fruitless endeavour should begin with the An Occasional Guest at Mr Wines' Revels storyline, as it has the lowest level caps. Other small benefits are scattered through the game. Once you have run out of game content, then the "A libraryette for mr Pages" card provides a single point of this Connection for a cost of 10,000 Proscribed Material.

Connected: Benthic and Connected: Somerset - engage in the bitter rivalry of the university's colleges! Well, maybe not so bitter. These Connections open up new options when Term Passing… reaches 8. Fortunately these Connections are very easily increased: new arrivals at the university should repeatedly use the "Enjoying the pace of academic life"/'Perhaps you might read a book today' storylet as in addition to increasing these Connections and providing material rewards, the storylet reduces Nightmares. Even after being expelled from university these connections will be very useful when Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery.

Connected: Glass and Connected: Shroud. After becoming Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion at the Flit these Connections open up in Mahogany Hall. While they open up several storylets, it appears that the bulk of the Wars of Illusion has yet to be written.

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