Use Of Villains

Use of Villains
The temporary service of gentlemen with scarred fists, withered scruples and closed mouths. [This is mainly used for creating advanced items - such as forming a Criminal Gang.]
sells for 6 Echoes

Acquiring Use Of Villains

* You can create Use Of Villains at the Bazaar Sidestreets

Have a drink at the Bridge Without
It will cost you:
booksmall.png 30 x A Journal of Infamy
appallingsecretsmall.png 100 x Appalling Secret
Total worth for selling the items required for making Use Of Villains at the Bazaar: (30 x 0.50) + (100 x 0.15) = 30 Echoes — the Use Of Villains itself can be sold for 6 Echoes

* Enjoying Lethal Prominence

Choosing to face A Ghost Mantled in Shadow gives you 1 x Use Of Villains when your Dramatic Tension raises to 2.

Using Use Of Villains

* Affiliation: Gang of Hoodlums

pirategreensmall.png You may use 8 x Use Of Villains.

* Acquiring A Ship

ship3small.png If you choose to acquire a Swift Zee-clipper, you may need 0, 1, 12 or 13 x Use Of Villains - depending if and when you choose to spend Fate.

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