Uncovering the Secrets of the Face-Tailor

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In London, find this gold-bordered storylet:


A conversation in the rain

It's rare for the rains from the cavern roof to be anything but gentle. But today, some subterranean aquifer must have broken. The gutters overflow. Water pours from the eaves. Rain drips from the hats and noses of three furtive figures waiting on the street corner.

Approach them boldly

Are they waiting to speak to you?

Approach them furtively

Are they waiting to ambush you?

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge  

Listen from a distance

Are they talking about you?

_ Watchful Watchful challenge  

Death and the River

The Stolen River flows fast and thick and deep through the heart of London. Corpses wash up on its muddy shores. Here's one now. No - he's still moving! He reaches towards you. What's that in his hand?

Accept the dying man's gift

A nasty little statuette the size of a clenched fist. The dying man is pressing it upon you. He turns his face up, pleading. Have you seen him before?

March smartly off, and don't look back

Dark night, doomy river, dying stranger, sinister idol. Yes, that'll end well.

Chuck the horrid little thing in the river

No doubt it's some sort of cursed foreign god. Send it where it can't do any more harm.

Wait by the river for him to recover

It looks like a single stab wound. He's only dying. Nothing serious. If you wait for him to recover you can ask him for a proper explanation. But it will be a long cold muddy wait. And perhaps his killer's still nearby…

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge  

A familiar visitor

A stocky woman with a hooked nose bangs on the door.. you last saw her on a street-corner, talking about the 'Face-Tailor'. … 'Poor Thomas thought he knew you, … The stone? Give it to me. I'll pay, of course.' …
(If you took the statue and left it on your dresser, possibly other paths)


About time you rid yourself of the idol. If you can get paid for it, so much the better.


'Thomas? The stone? Madam, whatever you're looking for, it's not here. I fear you have the wrong address.'


'Before I consider telling you anything, I must know. Who is the Face-Tailor?'


A dream of a high mountain path

You dream that you are walking in the company of the Scowling Flint Idol … 'Eden lies just there,' the Idol whispers. 'You can't enter like that. But this will hide you.' It holds out a crumpled, flesh-coloured thing, like a rubber mask with a wig attached.
(If you took the statue and left it on your dresser, possibly other paths)

ravensmall.png Catch a bird, and exchange it for the skin

Messy, but necessary. You won't be barred from Paradise, not when you're this close.

cloudssmall.png Push the idol off the cliff!

You've had quite enough of this thing. Bad enough that it clutters your lodgings. Now it's importuning you in your dreams!

scrawl1small.png Scratch your name in the idol's flank

It won't expect that.
You need A Scholar of Correspondence 3

goldenapplesmall.png Forget the idol. Look ahead

Eden, it says. Is this the principle the Dilmun Club seeks?
You need Associating with Radical Academics 2

StarvelingCatsmall.jpg Ouch!

D—n that infernal cat!
You need 1 x Starvling Cat

flamessmall.png Set it on fire!

Stone doesn't burn. But you've learnt a thing or two about dreams.
You need Having Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon 10

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