Uncovering Secrets Framed In Gold

While most of the Correspondence is in The Forgotten Quarter or at The University there are also some bronze bordered storylet cards related to it. The Correspondence is related to many secrets.


A bewildering salon

Unlocks: a Scholar of the Correspondence 1
The frame is ornate, gilded and carved, one open eye at each corner. The canvas itself is painted jet black. A joke? A mistake? "View of the Constellations (as seen from the Neath)"? It doesn't have a label, but there's a faint chalk mark on the wall. A Correspondence sigil! It says, "Buy."

Buy it

The owner claims that the painting reminds her of a failed long-ago flirtation. "Just something about the texture of the paint." You've heard more preposterous attempts to raise the price, but not often. You can acquire Brilliant Souls by using Infernal items in your inventory.
bottledsoulbluesmall.png [Unlocked with 2 x Brilliant Soul]

Steal it

It's not that you can't afford it. It's that purchasing things is beneath your dignity.
catsmall.png challenge

Gold frame, black painting

Unlocks: Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold 1
Your all-black painting still sits in the corner of your room. The eyes at each corner of the frame look a little more alert, somehow. What to do with it?

Scrap the canvas, sell the frame

Time to profit by your prize. The canvas is fatally modern, but the frame can be passed off as antique. Sell it for silk.

Ask the Repentant Forger to look it over

Unlocks: Acquaintance: a Repentant Forger 1
Requires: 19 Fate
It's best to understand the value of your merchandise before you try to sell it on. [This unlocks a storyline of notable menace.]

Meet a Repentant Forger - and ask him to look it over

Unlocks: 22 Fate
…what Repentant Forger? Your good friend who you've always known, surely [Unlock a storyline of notable menace: we'll assume you already know the Forger.]

Further progress in uncovering the secrets framed in gold cost Fate and so are unavailable on the wiki at this time.

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