Unaccountably Peckish

Why are you so damnably hungry?

  • A special item give you this quality when you win at the Game of Knife and Candle.
  • If you Dream Strange Dreams: A Game of Chess long enough (up to 7-9 or so), there is an opportunity card that will also get you this quality.
  • A rare success for "Lu-umps! Get yer rubbery Lu-umps! Pride of the Neath!" in the refreshment tent at the carnival.
  • An opportunity card that lets you harpoon and try to eat a sea monster while travelling the Unterzee.
  • Failure at taking Lyme to pick out food at the Mahogany Hall.
  • Various other opportunity cards like "Dinner with the devils"
  • Successfully making "A Merry Wager" at the "The end of the match" in the University at Term Passing, 12.
  • Visit the Shuttered Palace and spend "An evening at the Duchess' salon" with Unaccountably Peckish 2. Choose to "Attend and speak of…terrible things" for an increase.
  • Opening a nearly unwrapped cat box from another player and finding the Starveling Cat will increase it by 1 point.
  • Seeing what your Starveling Cat knows when finding out information from the Cats after becoming Embroiled in the wars of Illusion (6) will increase one's hunger.
  • Giving away a Starveling Cat, when the cat is accepted, will increase one's hunger.
  • Perhaps you ate a plum in The Mirror Marches.

How do I sate my insatiable hunger?

Unaccountably Peckish opens up multiple locked choices in storylets that are concerned with Mr Eaten, and on rare occasion causes other storylet options to become unavailable. It does not appear to have further affects.

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