Tips For Buying A Ship And Exploring The Unterzee

Buying a ship is very expensive, the costs - before choosing a ship - are:

1 x Bazaar Permit 35 x Vision of the Surface, 250 x Romantic Notion (available via enjoying lethal prominence through the "A Rival in Power" option.
1 x Personal Recommendation 25 x Compromising Document, 75 x Intriguing Gossip (available with Talk of the Town)
3 x Legal Document 25 x Correspondence Plaque, 200 x Maniac's Prayer each (available in Wilmot's End, Unlocked with Shadowy 110, a fine piece in the Game 1).

2 x Cellar of Wine, 25 x Strangling Willow Absinthe, 200 x Morelways 1872 each (although available in the labyrinth of tigers coil 4 earning these requires already having a ship; possibly these should be gained via the "A Rainbow of Offerings"/'How sweet of him' storyline).
2 x Whirring Contraption, 200 Phosphorescent Scarab, 30 x Memory of Light each (available in Wilmot's End, via "The Missing Woman" storyline; Unlocked with Shadowy 110, a fine piece in the Game 1).

3 x Collated Research 15 x Tale of Terror!!, 70 x Appalling Secret each (available in Wilmot's End, Unlocked with Shadowy 110, a fine piece in the Game 1, or as a rare success with the 'Spy on the Raggedy Men' option of the "A fine day in the Flit"card)

8 x Strong-Backed Labour 15 x Compromising Document, 50 Intriguing Gossip each (available in Wilmot's End, via "The Missing Woman" storyline; Unlocked with Shadowy 110, a fine piece in the Game 1). {Also available when Enjoying Lethal Prominence, via "A Rival in Power"}.

If you intend to grind the resources to buy these components, End Game Grinding has the best locations for doing so.

So what else is needed?

All ships, save the Tramp Steamer, are exorbitantly expensive without fate. Costs below:

Tramp Steamer:
2000 x Jade Fragment

Majestic Pleasure Yacht:
Step 1:
10 x Fate and 1x Whispered Secret
Or 10 Touching Love Stories
Or 3 Connected: Masters of the Bazaar (does not cost any of this quality, you just need to have it.)

Step 2:
20 x Fate
1000 x Deep Amber


A matter of luck: the odds are strongly against you here. Also, a Persuasive and Watchful check. Losing this contest will cost you one-fifth of the following resources. Winning will cost all of the Bazaar Sidestreets items.
5000 x Deep Amber
5 x Cellar of Wine - 25 x Strangling Willow Absinthe, 200 x Morelways 1872
5 x Favours in High Places - 35 x Incendiary Gossip, 250 x Inkling of Identity
5 x Comprehensive Bribe - 25 x Vision of the Surface, 200 x Romantic Notion

30 x Fate
1 x Favours in High Places - 35 x Incendiary Gossip, 250 x Inkling of Identity
1 x Comprehensive Bribe - 25 x Vision of the Surface, 200 x Romantic Notion

30 x Fate
1 x Cryptic Clue
2000 x Jade Fragment


20 x Fate
1 x Use of Villains 30 x A Journal of Infamy, 100 x Appalling Secret
1 x Legal Document 25 x Correspondence Plaque, 200 x Maniac's Prayer

Which ship is best?

While on the Unterzee, your deck is drawn from 11 or 12 cards:

6 cards can be drawn anywhere;

5 cards are linked to your current Troubled Waters;

and the Fate cost ships have a unique card each. Additionally, each Fate ship unlocks an option on two other cards.

So a Fate ship affects 1/12 to 1/4 of your deck, depending on when you are.

The Swift Zee-clipper's unique card is, well swift: accelerating your progress. Probably the best unique card. However the unlocked cards require a high Troubled Waters, and the Fury unlock reduces Troubled Waters. Nonetheless, appears to be slightly better ship than the Tramp Steamer.

The Zubmarine's card reduces your Troubled Waters Menace. Sadly Troubled Waters isn't a serious threat, and can be ignored, making the Zubmarine's card useless - the Zubmarine card is best discarded. Counterintuitively, the Tramp Steamer is a better buy that the Zub as the slightly smaller deck is more likely to produce a useful card.
Once you have access to the Hound of Heaven story, you will *want* the ability to get Troubled Waters > 10, and then to draw a specific card - again making the Tramp Steamer a good buy.
Until then, the Zubmarine's unlock on the Killing Wind card is good value though.

We don't have much info on the Majestic Pleasure Yacht, but one of its unlocks occurs in Calm Waters (where you will spend most of your trip) which is promising as far as it goes. We've been told though that none of its unlocks provide progress, which is disappointing.

Although many cards provide Appalling Secrets, the rewards in the Unterzee are poorer than those in Fallen London or Hunter's Keep so you will usually want to cross the Unterzee as fast as possible.

Once you have your ship….

You can set sail. It costs 100 Rostygold to set sail, but that is only one action at Watchmaker's Hill. The Impossible Watchful challenge on setting sail can be happily failed - it just grants a small reward (IIRC worth 1 Echo).

When you start your journey, you'll be healed one point of wounds.

Things to know: The Broad Unterzee has 3 states, depending on the weather: Calm Seas, Lashing Waves, or Fury of the Unterzee. The more recklessly you sail, the worse the weather. You will not have enough opportunity cards to cross the Unterzee unless you spend several real world hours on the trip. So when should you use them?
The Pleasure Yacht has a bonus card in Calm Seas, so spend early.
Both the Zub and Yacht have a bonus card in Lashing Waves, so spend later.

Cards can only be spent in their appropriate weather, so be careful to spend all Calm Seas cards before entering Lashing Waves (happens when Troubled Waters reaches 7). Actions and cards on average provide about equal amounts of progress and trouble, so you should reach your destination before entering the Fury unless you are very unfortunate.
The "A Mountain of the Unterzee" card is useful initially, as you have no progress for an unlucky result to reduce; however avoid it after that. "A Corvette of Her Majesty's Navy" is very useful if your suspicion > 5, dramatically increasing either your progress or troubled waters; but useless if your suspicion is < 5. Best to max out suspicion before heading to zee, as escaping from new Newgate removes all suspicion - your suspicion can easly reach 10 or more at zee, without making escape any more difficult.

Where to first?

Neither Mutton Island nor Hunter's Keep allow access to your hand. However any cards in hand are retained and become available when you return to zee. Landing resets your Troubled Waters Menace, so Calm Seas cards that were useless at the end of the trip will be usable on the return voyage.

Mutton Island:
When on Mutton Island: there is a rare success available for "The Mutton Island Wind"; it can also be used to increase Stormy eyed. Be sure to visit the Cock and Magpie (at least once, and up to 6 times) once time passing >6, and when you return to London revisit the Carnival. Finally, there is an action only available here that unlocks when Watchful reaches 140. Worth going to for the story, but the poor rewards mean that it is probably not worth revisiting.

Hunter's Keep: this is particularly tempting if you already have a Stone Tentacle Key from the Duchess! Hunter's Keep is the more profitable of the two locations, so come here for loot. Important tip towards the end of Time Passing: visit the Well *after* playing a Game of Charades(or at least wait until Time Passing =10), but *before* hearing the winning sister's concluding story.

Into the Fury of The Unterzee

When monster hunting for the Bishop of Southwark, you'll be heading into the Fury… this is harder than it looks. "Steam Boldly/Make it up as you go" is a good opening move, as this rapidly increases both Troubled Waters & Approaching Journey's End: however this option locks when Troubled Waters hits 10. At this point you will need to juggle between opportunity cards and the Steam Prudently/A Cautious Captain option. Steam Prudently/A Cautious Captain locks at Troubled Waters 11.

All storylets lock when Approaching Journey's End reaches 9, forcing you to rely exclusively on opportunity cards: A Ship of Zealots, A Tiny Coral Island, A Shape in the Depths are all good choices; A Blanket of Fog is also acceptable. Failing The Clinging Coral Mass is the best of all. The other cards though will likely reduce either your Troubled Waters or Approaching Journey's End progress, making them counterproductive.

Once you have reached the Fury, cycle cards until you draw the Cold, Calm Waters card. Be wary of using other cards! Most 'good' cards will reduce your Troubled Waters. The Clinging Coral Mass, Those engines don't sound healthy/Hoist the black flag, The Killing Wind/Make Your Depth Fifteen Fathoms are useful if your Approaching Journey's End < 9 though.

Once you have your Plated Seal, you can head home - as Approaching Journey's End should be 9, this will likely be 1 action (so arguably you found the monster splashing in the Stolen River!) It does not appear possible to collect multiple Plated Seals.

[EDIT: This tip no longer works] If a Fury card reduces your Approaching Journey's End progress to 0, and you have a counterfeit head of John the Baptist, consider kissing it: this sends you to the Tomb Colonies, which may get you home faster and will allow you to collect a Tomb-Lion. [a counterfeit head now merely increases your Scandal].

Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery

This unlocks two additional cards, "The Fleet of Truth" and "Share your Research with a Fellow Scholar". "The Fleet of Truth" is very useful, providing 2 change points of progress and 15 research notes! It is possible, at least in theory, to complete a journey just by using this one card repeatedly. "Share your Research with a Fellow Scholar" is a social card, and does not provide any progress - interesting, but not ideal. As you will likely be ejected from the new islands multiple times, there is no pressure to collect a Plated Seal on any specific journey; best to focus on crossing the Unterzee and head for the Fury when the luck of the draw pushes your Troubled Waters up.

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