The University - Dept

The Committee on Semiotic Safety

Unlocks: Watchful 97
Various bloody incidents involving the Correspondence have caught the attention of Parliament. Ministers have formed the Committee on Semiotic Safety in response.

Address the committee

As London's foremost scholar of the Correspondence, it is only fitting that you advise the committee.


A colleague with a problem

Unlocks: Watchful 97
An acquaintance at the Department of Chiropterochronometry can't get her paper published.

Help her out

The subject falls outside your field, but you know a few tricks that will appeal to the respectable journals.


First steps for your new department

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 6
You are undoubtedly the foremost authority on the Correspondence, but there will be others here who have studied the symbols.

A long list

Unlocks: Sudden Insight x 3
There is no mention of the Correspondence in your list of University departments. Still, somebody must have worked in your field. A little detective work is in order.


Meet the Department of _______

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 7
The University has a secret. Well, probably it has thousands. That business with the registrar and the cake, for instance. But these are mere whispers compared to the mysterious Department of _______.

Tea time

The clock in the quad strikes three. Even secret University departments gather for tea at three, do they not? An ideal time to meet them.


Horrors in the chamber!

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 8
Horrors in the chamber!
Screams issue from the Department of _______'s Cogitation Chamber. The Senior Reader in _______ is inside!


This is your chance to show your colours to the Department of _______. Rush to the scene and see what's wrong!


Investigations in the university

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9
The Senior Reader in _______ has been murdered, and the university has engaged you to find the culprit! And if you should come across other secrets, so much the better. [Raise your Investigating… quality to 15 to make progress on the case.]

Head to the library

Peace, quiet and solitude. A good place to think, and to consult the collection.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at 103

Interview the suspects

The Consumptive Cryptozoologist, the Venomous Rarefactor, possibly others. What do they know?
Watchful challenge, straightforward at 105

Conduct forensic analyses

The tools of the contemporary consulting detective. One must strive for modernity when investigating at the University, of all places.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at 107

Interview students and staff

The University is blessed with bystanders. Of course, nobody saw what happened in the Cogitation Chamber, but that's no reason not to talk to them.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at 109

Interview the Department of _______ staff

The staff of the Department of _______ are eager to assist. You were with them at the time of the murder, but they can help you to understand the victim.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at 111

Talk to the Porters

Unlocks: Cryptic Clue x 25
The University porters are tight-knit and close-mouthed. If they know anything, it'll be the devil's work getting them to talk. Perhaps sharing a few secrets with them could help.
Watchful challenge, straightforward at 1


Consider your initial suspects

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9, Investigating… 9
The crowds have dispersed. The authorities have examined the corpse and removed it. A sour-faced Porter guards the scene, humming an off-key tune.
Investigating… challenge, low-risk at 9

The evidence

Review the evidence and the suspects so far.


The next step of the investigation

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 10, Investigating… 9
The key to this investigation is those missing eyeballs and their means of departure. How is such a thing possible in a locked room?

A matter of spiders

The eyeball removal suggests a sorrow-spider. No such creature was present in the bare room. But, didn't you once hear something…
Investigating… challenge, low-risk at 9


A spidery hypothesis

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 11, Investigating… 9
You have a mysteriously murdered Senior Reader and the most tenuous of hypotheses regarding spiders and mirrors. What now?

Looking for an expert

There are people here that know more about sorrow-spiders than you. It is time to consult an academic colleague.
Investigating… challenge, low-risk at 9


A note from the Consumptive Cryptozoologist

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 12, Investigating… 9
'Have gathered an appropriate selection of spiders. We may begin the great work!'

The great work?

Unlocks: 1 x Iron Hat, 1 x Neathglass Goggles
Cryptozoologists are inclined to the dramatic. Well, it's time to head to the laboratory. A wise scientist brings goggles and an iron hat. Proper goggles. None of your radium nonsense.
Investigating… challenge, low-risk at 9


On the matter of spiders

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 13, Investigating… 9
A sorrow-spider travelled through the mirrored walls of the Cogitation Chamber and killed the Senior Reader in _______.

Who has a spider?

University authorities demand that pets and experimental animals be registered. It should be possible to find out who owns a sorrow-spider.
Investigating… challenge, low-risk at 9


The Fellow in Venomous Rarefaction

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 14, Investigating… 9
The Fellow in Venomous Rarefaction is allergic to sorrow-spiders, so he's off the suspect list. Still, he might know something useful.
Investigating… challenge, low-risk at 9

Visit him at the laboratory

The venomous rarefaction laboratory is not a popular place. The porters say they'd rather set themselves on fire than pay a visit. Still, it can't be that bad, can it?


The Poison and the Palace

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 15, Investigating… 9
The Senior Reader in _______ was holding a vial of Cantigaster venom when he died. That venom came from the Shuttered Palace.

Where did he get it?

The Shuttered Palace holds secrets without number. Can you find out who supplied the venom to the Senior Reader?
Investigating… challenge, low-risk at 9


The Duchess and the Cantigaster

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 16, Investigating… 9
It's Sunday, approaching midnight. The servant said that you'd learn what you needed to in the third wine cellar.
Investigating… challenge, low-risk at 9

Set forth into the cellars

Liveried guards armed with oversized pistols patrol the under-stairs levels. Rumours abound that the cellars hold things far more dangerous than wine.


The note you were half-expecting

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 16, Investigating… 9
A note arrives for you. It smells faintly of cats. The Duchess, no doubt.

'…appreciate the pleasure of your company…'

The Duchess would like you to call upon her at the Palace, at your earliest convenience. Well, it looks like she did see you that night. No use putting off the inevitable. You'd better go.
Investigating… challenge, low-risk at 15 as of April 7th, 2012, no challenge required

'…look forward so very much to your next visit…'

Unlocks: Connected: the Duchess 24
The Duchess' note is more cordial than you expected. She must remember you kindly. Perhaps it'll be all right. Off you go.

An opportunity for blackmail!

Unlocks: Ruthless 1
'…I may soon be forced to sell my most precious secrets to the rude public! I dream of a benefactor who will repair my finances, and who will explain certain particular secrets that have troubled me. I feel confident that in those circumstances all my secrets would go with me to my grave…'


Look into love

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 18, Investigating… 8
The Duchess advised you to look into love. Was there a hidden meaning in her words?
Investigating… challenge, low-risk at 9

Seeking love

Was she being entirely rhetorical? Is there some romantic relevance to this case? It's worth looking into. [Your investigation is gathering pace. From now on you will need less Investigating… to progress.]


What were they up to?

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 19, Investigating… 8
The staff of the Department of _______ don't want to talk about the Senior Reader's work. They deplored his hands-on attitude to Correspondence research.

Make them talk

This is an official investigation, and they will talk sooner or later. Of course, you might be recruiting these people into your new department, so tread gently.
Investigating… challenge, low-risk at 9


Dig up some dirt on the Provost

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 20, Investigating… 12
The case against the Consumptive Cryptozoologist is looking strong. However, it would be wise to eliminate the Provost from your investigation.
Investigating… challenge, chancy at 12

Look into the Provost's activities

And if you should dig up a few juicy secrets in the name of thoroughness? Well, that's hardly a problem.


The Provost and the devil

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 21, Investigating… 6
You saw the Provost of Summerset picnicking with a devil on Winewound Heath. The University authorities will surely dismiss him if they discover he is cultivating infernal acquaintances.

Intrepid Investigation

Wait until Thursday comes and follow the Provost once more.
Investigating… challenge, modest at 7


What connects the Bazaar and love stories?

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 22, Investigating… 9
The Provost of Summerset murdered the Senior Reader in _______, that much is clear. Before you decide what to do about it, you should consider matters of love.

Further investigations

Is the Bazaar really some kind of sentient thing? Does it really enjoy stories of love? And what does all this have to do with the Correspondence? You must find out!
Investigating… challenge, High-risk at 9


A note from the Masters

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 23, Investigating… 9
An envelope arrives for you. Heavy white paper, and a black seal depicting many spires. It is from the Masters of the Bazaar. It reads, 'Come hither.'

An audience with a Master

The Masters of the Bazaar would like to speak with you. One does not keep the Masters waiting.

An audience with you

Unlocks: Connected: the Masters of the Bazaar 1
Something extraordinary is afoot. You'll feel safest on home ground. Let them come to you. [This will cost you some of your accumulated favour.]

Refuse the summons

The Masters have no legal authority, after all. They are merely influential businessmen, when all's said and done. Very influential businessmen, possibly immortal, probably not human. But nevertheless.

at this point the term passing… storylets disappear


Consider what to do next

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 24
A complex case. Perhaps the most complex you have yet encountered.

Consider the matter by the fireplace in your study

Weighty decisions are best taken where the coals glow and the port is close at hand.

Pray for guidance

Unlocks: Austere 3
Even if no guidance is forthcoming, it may clear your mind. The Stoats are singing outside your study window again. Something about a 'bucket pig.'

The Persian way

Unlocks: Hedonist 3
Herodotus said of the Persians: 'It is their practice to deliberate first upon affairs of weight when they are drunk; and again on the morrow, when they are sober…'In other words, get hammered now, have a proper think about it later.
(A matter of luck: the odds are against you here.)

A memory…

Unlocks: Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold 8
There was a painting.This choice is locked for now.


Reveal the murderer of the Senior Reader in _______

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 25
Time to wrap up the case, and hope your career survives the experience. It may not. Crossing the Provost would be a dangerous move indeed.

It was the Provost of Summerset!

The Provost of Summerset murdered the Senior Reader over a matter of blackmail. And here is how he did it…

It was the Consumptive Cryptozoologist!

The Consumptive Cryptozoologist murdered the Senior reader because he drove her sister insane. And here is how she did it…

Could we postpone until tomorrow?

You're still not sure what to do. You should consider matters further.


The wreckage of your career

For the moment, your career at the university is over.
Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 26, unwelcome at the University 1

One last stroll

The university authorities are polite enough to not throw you out on your ear. One last stroll around the quadrangle, then? Why not?

They'll regret this…

'One last stroll?'


Survival, at a price

unlocked with Featuring in the Tales of the University 27

You sacrificed the Cryptozoologist's freedom. Your own remains intact. As does the Provost's. What next?

Back to the research!

There's that paper on Polythreme glyphs. Probably not relevant, but you never know. Onwards and upwards!

The lights of the Carnival

It's cold tonight in Fallen London. Coloured lights blaze through the mist. Why have you come here? Is there something you want to forget?

The top of the bell-tower

Climb the hundred and five stairs. Look out over the city. Smile.


Growing pains

unlocked with Featuring in the Tales of the University 40

Paperwork, research, paperwork. Unfriendly glances in the corridors from various cryptozoologists. Tsk.

Do what department heads do

Watchful challenge
Straightforward at 114

What is that again, exactly? Shouldn't you have people to do these things for you?

Term Passing 1-4


Assistants wanted

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9
If you want your new department to succeed, you'll need staff. Junior staff. You don't want to do all those dangerous experiments yourself. Let alone make your own tea.

Ask around

You know people who know people. If you put the word out, you'll surely be deluged with keen graduate students.


You want to make sure you reach as many potential candidates as you can. Put up a notice or two in corridors and students' drinking-dens.


Seek out some influential help

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9
What do new University departments always need? Generous donations from wealthy patrons, of course.

Use your Society connections

Unlocks: Connected: Society 10, Route: The Shuttered Palace 1
Seek out wealthy, influential people who wish only to support learning. A sheen of respectability on a tarnished reputation is a happy side-effect.

Try to gain patronage on your own

Unlocks: Deep Amber x 100
Your reputation speaks for itself! You do not stoop to call in favours! Why, all you need to do is host a soiree of your own and people will fall over themselves to support you!

Use your less savoury connections

Unlocks: Connected: Criminals 10, Route: The Flit 1
Criminals' money is just as good as anyone else's. And good criminals tend to have plenty of it.This choice is locked for now.


Those meddling men from the Ministry

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9
The men from the Ministry of Public Decency are a common sight around the university. Even the Stoats leave them alone.

Deal with the evaluators

If your new department is to become a reality, you must convince the men from the Ministry that you don't represent a threat to order and decency. You must arrange and edit your works to prove yourself entirely harmless.


The student body

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9
If you're going to form a Department of the Correspondence, you'll need students. You must have the revenue they bring, even if teaching gets in the way of the real work.

Pick out some likely candidates

Students will flock to you when your reputation spreads. For now, you must poach them from other departments.

Term Passing 5-6


Interview prospective assistants

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9, Term Passing 5
What is happening in academia these days? Your scrupulous insistence on looking for only the best-qualified has backfired. The candidates are mediocre at best. You can't employ someone who thinks Pyramus and Thisbe are a pair of Clay dock-workers. The worry of it all is affecting your sleep.

Select on the basis of qualifications

Well, how else would you propose appointing to academic positions?

Select on the basis of… personal qualities

Well, you will be working with these people. Your ability to get along with them is just as important as their qualifications.


Secure your funding

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9, Term Passing 5
Wealthy people are eager to donate money to your new department. Your only concern should be how best to help them do so.

Take the equitable approach

Every one of your powerful, influential donors wants to be your main benefactor. Perhaps it's best to sidestep the issue altogether, and declare that they're all equally important.

Institute a hierarchy of donors

If you pay more attention to the richer ones, it stands to reason that you'll get more money. Does it not?


Getting into the journals

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9, Term Passing 5
The Correspondence boasts no academic journals, no erudite gatherings. Well, you have to start somewhere.

Publish and be… well, yes

Perhaps you could publish some of your safer work. The more liberal and wide-ranging publications might take it.


Find allies at the Department of _______

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9, Term Passing 5
Nobody at the Department of _______ can match your skill as a scholar of the Correspondence. But they can still be useful to you.

Get the Semi-semiotic Fellow on your side

The Department's staff should form the core of your new domain. The key point of influence is the Semi-Semiotic fellow.

Term Passing 7+


Where is Dr Orthos?

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9, Term Passing 7
You've barely glimpsed Dr Orthos at the University. He must be avoiding you after that business in the Forgotten Quarter.

Make your peace with Dr Orthos

Dr Orthos is influential, respected, and richer than a bank. It would be best for your career to come to terms with the man.


The patronage of the Duchess

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9, Term Passing 7
Your new department will need a noted patron to unveil plaques and present the inevitable honours. The Duchess would be perfect… if you can convince her.

Court the Duchess' patronage

The Duchess is known to be intelligent, even scholarly. You could send her some manuscripts and hope they speak for themselves. Don't mention the burning hair.


Dealing with Virginia

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 9, Term Passing 7
Virginia hounded your steps while you unearthed the Correspondence Stones, but she's not troubled you for a while.

A word at the Embassy

Unlocks: Connected: Hell 10
Virginia will worry at your new department like a cat on a mystery. Perhaps you could convince her infernal superiors to send her elsewhere.

unlocked with Featuring in the Tales of the University 30


A Sneering Gentleman

You recognise a vinegar-faced valet of His Amused Lordship in a drizzle-pattered street. He never liked you. He sneers: 'The Dilmun Club is sponsoring expeditions, but the papers with your name on keep going missing…'
unlocked with Featuring in the Tales of the University 30

That's how it is, eh?

You can't let this foul fellow get in the way of your academic career. A little blackmail will see you on your way. [This will begin a journey of scientific discovery across the Unterzee. You can acquire Blackmail Material from the Velocipede Squad or at an Elaborate Party. Books of Hidden Bodies can be created at the Bazaar Side-streets. Extraordinary Implications can be found in the Foreign Office or on the Unterzee Islands.]
unlocked with associating with Radical Academics 3, cultivating an acquaintance with His Amused Lordship 3, 5 x Extraordinary Implication , 1 x Blackmail Material , 2 x Book of Hidden Bodies, Watchful 120

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