The Tomb-Colony Of Venderbight

Pursuing mysteries in the Far Neath

If you find yourself obsessed with a certain ambition, you may eventually attempt to further your goals in a most daring manner: purchasing passage to Venderbight in the guise of a many times dead tomb colonist. Unlike previous episodes in the Ambition: Nemesis saga, you are left mostly without guidance in Venderbight, forced to seek the answers to your mysteries alone.

Who is Carrywell, how is she involved in the trade of Red Honey, and above all, what is her relation to Scathewick?

A bizarrely quiet place

There is little enough here to occupy oneself with, to one unfamiliar with the colony. But to the patient, many opportunities present themselves.


Return to Fallen London

A dark steamer waits at the quayside. Have you learnt everything you need to know? Are you looking for supplies from the Bazaar? Or are you simply desperate to escape from the darkness to the… slightly less miserable darkness?

Take ship

Your return passage is paid already. Your cabin awaits.


A woman of sinister repute

You mingle with the bandaged crowds on the street and in their decaying wine-shops, listening to them scheme and mutter and complain and rehearse the stories of their lost lives. Perhaps once every couple of days, Carrywell's name comes up. She does not seem popular; but they're wary of speaking against her.

Unlocks: Ambition: Nemesis 11, no higher than 14

Listen and wait

Track down each hint and scrap of information, one by one. [This is the slowest but surest way to find Carrywell: or you can try Opportunities.]

Unlocks: Watchful 70
Modest at Watchful 78 & 79


Ambition: Nemesis - The Flowstone Forest

The Grand Sanatorium! Your information has it deep in the Flowstone Forest to the south of Venderbight, nestled like a fungus in a rotting log. Like a beehive in an old stone wall.

Navigate the Flowstone Forest

The rust-dribbles on the flowstone bewilder compasses. Falling stalactites shatter the maze into new configurations every week. Maps are forbidden by the Sanatorium authorities. None of this will daunt you!

Unlock: Watchful 80, Ambition: Nemesis 15


Ambition: Nemesis - the Grand Sanatorium

The Sanatorium's walls are as smooth as ice and colder than they have a right to be, even this far underground. And windowless, of course. The entrance is guarded by six determined dead men with gleaming Martini-Henry rifles…and a chained spider-council! As you watch, attendant sorrow-spiders scuttle obediently around it. They scrupulously avoid the rifle-bearing tomb-colonists.

Unlocked with Ambition: Nemesis 16

Option 1: Assault the Sanatorium!

You've come too far to be turned back by a few elite and almost unkillable bandaged warriors. And by a mass of spider-flesh the size of an elephant. And by God knows how many lethal sorrow-spiders… Hmm. Perhaps you had better stockpile some ammunition.

Unlocked with Dangerous: 80 ; disappears at Running Battle 5

Option 2: Continue the assault!

Every sorrow-spider you can see lies in a tangle of curled legs and green ichor. The rifle-bearing tomb-colonists and the gross, pulsing bulk of the Spider-Council still remain.

Unlocked with Running Battle… 5, Dangerous 87

Option 3: The final enemy

Only the spider-council remains between you and the Sanatorium. This one is much bigger than the one you encountered beneath the chapel in Wolfstack. But you've learnt a lot since then too…

Unlocked with Running Battle… 8, Dangerous 94

(failure message unknown)

Option 4: Find another way in?

If you're a very, very skilled burglar, then you might be able to find a way in somehow, ice-smooth walls or not. But the climb could easily kill you outright if you fall.

Unlocked with Shadowy 90


Ambition: Nemesis - Carrywell

Unlocked with Ambition: Nemesis: 17

Carrywell is not a tomb-colonist. Or at least she's not bandaged. She might be dead. She's certainly not very friendly.

'We don't get many visitors out here,' she remarks. 'That's not an accident. I should have you thrown to the Mutes. But I'm going to indulge my curiosity. What do you want?

Option 1: Demand Information

You've come a long way and you're covered in dead spiders. Your patience, perhaps, is limited.

Option 2: Ask Politely for Information

You don't really know who or what she is. Politeness might be wise.

NOTE that two options are unlocked at Ambition: Nemesis 18, below


Ambition: Nemesis - exploring the Grand Sanatorium

Unlocked with Ambition:Nemesis 18-20

Carrywell is a Permanent Surgeon: a senior staff-member at the Grand Sanatorium, where they bring the tomb-colonists too far gone to walk or think or speak. The place is something between an insane asylum and a crypt. Niches filled with groaning or shrieking or meditative tomb-colonists fill every corridor. There are a great many corridors.

Option 1: Interpret for Carrywell

It takes a keen ear and an acute mind to understand what some of the colonists are saying. Carrywell needs your help here.

(Watchful challenge, chancy at Watchful 99)


Ambition: Nemesis - the First Interpretation

Unlocked with Ambition: Nemesis 18
'So you want to know about that wretch Scathewick, eh? I can help you. I've dispensed with his services. Assist me in a few tasks and I'll tell you where he's gone.'

Option 1: A matter of dictation

Carrywell hands you a scrap of paper with a five-digit number neatly written on it. 'This one is in the Seventh Immobiles Wing. She can still talk, but she's difficult to understand. You are to interpret what she says and write it down. And ask her about Feducci.'
Unlocked by Watchful 100, impossible Watchful challenge at Watchful 100


Ambition: Nemesis - what is Carrywell up to?

Unlocked by Ambition: Nemesis 19
Why is Carrywell sending you out to interpret the very nearly dead?

Option 1: Consult the Staff

Most of the Grand Sanatorium staff are shuffling, bandaged tomb-colonist types. There are a few of the living among them, however. For the most part, these are exiles from London whose reputations are beyond repair. You should seek out the venal and the desperate.
Unlocked with 800 x Moon-pearls


Ambition: Nemesis - the Second Interpretation

'I require you to assist with three translations. This second is in the fourth formidable wing. Step lightly there, and keep a weapon handy.' Carrywell hands you another scrap of paper, neatly inscribed with a number.

Option 1: Find the inmate

You saw a formidable wing before. It had armed guards and steel doors that would be the envy of New Newgate.
Unlocked with Dangerous 100
(modest Dangerous challenge at 108)


Ambition: Nemesis - the Third Interpretation

'I am satisfied with your work so far. One last interpretation and you shall learn of Scathewick's current location. This one shouldn't be difficult. He's in holding hall seventeen.'

Option 1: Is something wrong?

The holding hall is in the far reaches of the Grand Sanatorium. It takes you an hour to get there. When you arrive, there is a single bandaged figure lying in quiet repose on a trolley. The hall is otherwise empty.
Unlocked with Dangerous 105
(almost impossible challenge at 108)


Ambition: Nemesis - dealing with the assassin

You killed the assassin that Carrywell set on you. Now what?

Option 1: Revenge

You must teach the world that it is foolish to attack you. This won't be pretty, but it will be done.

Option 2: Let him go

By the time he recovers, you'll be gone. You doubt that you'll see him again. Unnecessary acts of incivility are to be avoided.


Ambition: Nemesis - confronting Carrywell

Carrywell has betrayed you. Find her.

Finding Carrywell

Carrywell is not where you last saw her. And the Grand Sanatorium is a fine place to become lost in.
Unlocked with Watchful 105
(a Straightforward challenge at 118)


Note that some opportunities can only be played at one specific Ambition: Nemesis level, while others can be played at 2 or more levels. Due to the difficulty of testing this, only the unlock level is noted.

Ambition: Nemesis 11
Ambition: Nemesis 12
Ambition: Nemesis 13
Ambition: Nemesis 14

Upon reaching Ambition: Nemesis 15, all opportunities become unplayable and cease to show up, replaced by the following.


Far from home

Red bordered card

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