The Silent Corridors of the Orphanage

White plastered walls, white enamelled railings, white stone floors, white uniforms. The silent corridors are lined with steel doors. Each door has a number. Entered as part of the Light Fingers ambition.

Opportunity Cards

White-bordered cards


Room 101

At the far end of a gleaming basement corridor stands a white door. The doctors avoid it. There is an odour of vinegar and antiseptic. The number on the door is 101.

Open it

You know what is in this room. Everyone knows what is in this room.


Room 215

They seem to be areas of London, but not the gloomy metropolis you know so well.

Examine the maps

Unlocks: Shadowy 103, straightforward at 117
They seem to be areas of London, but not the gloomy metropolis you know so well.


Room 387

This room is lit by a single sputtering gas jet. A woman, petite and middle-aged, sits on a wooden chair facing away from the door. Walls and celiling alike are covered in scarab beetles. They stir lazily as you open the door, like a tapestry in a breeze.

Talk to the woman

Unlocks: Shadowy 110, modest at 119
'I'm so happy,' the woman says as you enter. 'I never knew I could be so happy.' There are beetles in her hair. She pats at them absent-mindedly.

Steal some scarabs

Unlocks: Shadowy 110, modest at 119
They're worth a pretty penny. And she's got plenty to spare.


Room 451

A doctor races past you down the corridor. 'You there, follow me!' he cries, 'We need extra hands for this one!' He leads you to a small cell where several orderlies are struggling to strap a reluctant patient into a chair. He's bull of a man, and he's fighting hard.

The treatment

Assist the doctors in their work, and perhaps you'll finally discover what their work is.

Help him escape

Unlocks: Shadowy 117
Whatever they're doing to this man, you won't be part of it. There's a loose strap on the chair. In all this cacophony, would anyone notice if you pulled it just… so? [Be warned: failing here will attract a great deal of attention.]


Room 324

This room has no furniture save for a free-standing mirror. A Young Rake sits cross-legged on the floor, surrounded by combs and bottles of oil. He stares intently at his reflection.

Speak to the Young Rake

Perhaps he knows where to find the Music Hall Singer and her sister.
Unlocks: Persuasive 103, straightforward at 125

Stand between him and the mirror

Unlocks: Dangerous 89, straightforward at 106
Are you sure that's wise?

Gold-bordered cards


Room 839

This door leads to the roof. It's locked and guarded, but the orderly on duty is given to snoozing.

A spot of pickpocketry

The orderly has a little key on a chain. Can you snag it?
Unlocks: Shadowy 124, chancy at 131,low-risk at 134



The White Corridors

Everything here is white. Walls, floors, uniforms. Silent masked orderlies wander up and down identical corridors. It's easy to get lost.

Prowl the corridors

The Music Hall Singer and her sister are here somewhere. Perhaps you can discover their whereabouts.
Unlocks: Shadowy 117

Talk to the staff

Unlocks: Persuasive 103, Exploring the Orphanage 3
(straightforward at Persuasive 125)
There is a common room of sorts on the second floor. The lowlier orderlies gather here sometimes to swap jokes and rumours. Can you inveigle yourself into their conversation?


Room 122

Unlocks: Exploring the Orphanage 3
The doctors keep something in the basement. At night, it roars and shrieks and shakes the walls. The entrance is locked and guarded. But they've reckoned without you.

Talk your way in

The guards run a profitable sideline, charging their colleagues a fat fee to goggle at the 'Great Blue'. They don't admit just anyone, though.
Unlocks: Persuasive 110, Rostygold x 200
(straightforward at Persuasive 125)

Sneak your way in

Unlocks: Shadowy 117
(straightforward at Shadowy 129)
At night, the guards keep a respectable distance from Room 122; the noises are unnerving. This could be your opportunity to slip through.


Leave the Orphanage

In your disguise, you can come and go as you please…


You've had your fill of this place for the moment. The blank faces, the blank walls.

[This will move you to Spite. You can return to the Orphanage when you are ready to continue the story]


Room 547

Unlocks: Exploring the Orphanage 6
Records are kept on the fifth floor. If you want to find the Music Hall Singer and her sister, this is the place to look. The Registrar is elderly and frail. Should be easy.

Charm offensive

Elderly she may be, but the Registrar has the demeanour of a dragon napping on a mountain of treasure. Put on your very best smile.
Unlocks: Persuasive 117, modest at 125


Room 316

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers 46
The Music Hall Singer and her sister Clarabelle live in the same room on the third floor. There are no guards, and no locks on the door. The room has no furniture, no windows, no decorations of any kind. The women wear white smocks that blend into the walls.

The Sisters

The Music Hall Singer looks up as you enter. Her eyes are the darkest thing in the room. 'So, you're here at last. Too late for her.' Clarabelle sprawls in the corner, idly stroking a white stone wall. Beneath the smock, her belly is as round as a planet.


Ambition: Light Fingers! The Escape

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers 47, Exploring the Orphanage 6
Everything is prepared. You have Lethean Tea Leaves for Clarabelle, courtesy of Poor Edward. You have the key to the rooftop dirigible station. It's time to leave. Only one decision remains: what is to become of the Orphanage itself?

Burn it to the ground

Let the earth be sowed with salt. The prisoners will roast with their captors. Perhaps that is kinder. Perhaps not.
Unlocks: 1 x Orphanage Roof Key , 1 x Lethean Tea-Leaves

Release as many prisoners as you can

The Orphanage will go on - there will always be more orphans. But maybe a few of its victims can find peace.
Unlocks: 1 x Orphanage Roof Key , 1 x Lethean Tea-Leaves

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