The Shuttered Palace

In the protective custody of the Bazaar…

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What can you find in The Shuttered Palace?

The Traitor Empress and her consort live safely in the Shuttered Palace, in the protective custody of the Bazaar. No-one is permitted to use her name any more.

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The Traitor Empress hasn't left the palace in thirty years. Her consort still arranges concerts and banquets in the darkly glittering rooms and dripping gardens. Here, you can hobnob with the upper crust of Fallen London and even have an opportunity to find yourself welcome at the Empress' Court!

Here you are able to call in favours from your Bohemian friends, the Duchess, other Society notables, the Constables or the Church if your connections are high enough.

How does one get to The Shuttered Palace?

You gain access to the The Shuttered Palace through a storylet in your Lodgings. It can be secured by donating to the Palace cellars 400 x Greyfields 1882 and 1000 x Greyfields 1879 when your Persuasive Quality is high enough. You can also visit The Shuttered Palace temporarily through the The Ways of The Shuttered Palace Opportunity Card. Other stories may grant temporary access to The Shuttered Palace. (The Shuttered Palace is most interesting for those who have Persuasive 60+)

Omnis Traductor Traditor?

I'll let you figure this one out. Google will help.

Shuttered Palace Storylets…

A few storylets are always available in this location but many are only available when your Persuasive Quality is at a certain level, when you are involved in a story or a special event is occurring. The links below will jump to a new page describing the storylets available in the The Shuttered Palace.

palacesmall.png Storylets with no Persuasive requirement
foxsmall.png Storylets requiring Persuasive of: 57-70 71-80 81-90
fangrose2small.png Storylets that appear during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose

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