The Sea Of Voices

The preferred method to get to Polythreme is to use your own ship. It is much cheaper than buying a ticket at Wolfstack Docks. This way is quicker, and allows experience of the Sea of Voices.


The Sea of Voices

Who would choose to go to Polythreme? But some duties cannot be denied.
Unlocked with 1 x Screaming Map .


A Zee-journey

A calm swift journey? Or will even the dragons that live at the edges of the maps be shaking their heads and telling you to turn back? To reach your destination, raise Approaching Journey's End to 9. You don't need to choose your destination until then. Beware of the Troubled Waters quality…

waves3small.png Approaching Journey's End shows your progress in the Venture.
waves3small.png Gain: 1 x Zee-Ztory


Steam Carefully

Stay on the charted routes. Steer far away from known hazards and the more vital islands.

A cautious captain

Slow ahead! That's the safe option. Safer than the alternative, at least.


Steam Bravely

Only boundless courage will see you home safely. Forth into the unknown!

Extrapolate from the charts

Keep an even course, and stay away from the loudest of the screams and singing. Rashness killed the captain.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.

Make it up as you go

Those other captains lack your vision! Steam off the maps and into history!
A matter of luck: the odds are against you here.

Can it get any worse?

Man-eating zee-bats. A malicious bulk that you might remember as a whale if you don't think too hard about it. You own ship's anchor importuning your breeding and manners. Surely you're heading for calmer waters.
A matter of luck: the odds are strongly against you here.
unlocked with Troubled Waters 9

Opportunity Cards


A Good Meal

You drift in shallow, warm water as your engineer untangles ropy seaweed from the propellers. Those among your crew who can swim are delighted to spot oyster beds.

And a little bonus

The crew eats well tonight, and you take your cut of the pearl harvest.


A Light in the Fog

Your lamps only caress the fog. But there's a light somewhere up ahead. And a voice.

Get as close as you dare

The lighthouse moans and mutters in the fog. What is it saying?

Keep away from the lighthouse

One plots a wide course around lighthouses, if one has any sense.


A Hazard to Shipping

The tangled floating island-raft is mainly black coral. But you can see ship timbers, a tin shack and a number of what could be mouths.

Set a course around the thing

Who knows what hazards could be reaching for your keel? But how far does this thing extend?
(Watchful Challenge Straightforward at 125)


Crossing Paths

This steamer is a modern design, and is making admirably good time despite her heavy load. She'll pass close to you.

Hail the ship and have a chat with the captain

A discussion framed in lamp-flashes over the black waters. As cosy as a series of lights can make it.

Steam on by

Your journey is too important to interrupt with sea-borne gossip.


Listen to the Wind

Only it's not really the wind. It's the Voices.

Listen to the Voices

The Sea of Voices is seldom quiet. It takes patience and luck to pluck out the interesting morsels.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.

Steam the way the voices tell you

If some of the screams are attempts at pronouncing Correspondence sigils, then… hard to port!
Unlocked with a Scholar of the Correspondence 1

Calm Seas Opportunity Cards


Calm Seas: Meeting a Local Steamer

This steamer's fittings are all burnished copper - a Polythreme vessel. You can't see any crew on her decks.

Hail the steamer to exchange news

Assuming you can find someone - or something - to talk to.

Steam on by

You have more important things to do than bandy words with some overly vital chunk of copper and steel.

I say, must you do that?

The Steamer sails dangerously close to your yacht, engines purring.
[Unlocked with 1 x Majestic Pleasure Yacht]


Calm Seas: The Giant of the Unterzee

A little island appears in your ship's path. Grey and perfectly round. And getting bigger. Good Lord! It's a huge head surfacing!

Erm, hello?

The Clay Head is bigger than the New Newgate Dirigibles. Let's hope it's friendly.
(Persuasive Challenge Straightforward at 125)

Lashing Waves Opportunity Cards


Lashing Waves: The Iceberg

The giant jagged floating mass is more slate-blue than white. At least you've seen it in plenty of time.

Keep a prudent distance

As you watch, cracks spread along one side of the blue mountain, and house-sized chunks wrench off and fall into the Unterzee.
Fascinating, but dangerous.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.

Have a look around under the iceberg

Why would one have a zubmarine if one didn't intend to poke around where one shouldn't?
unlocked with 1 x zubmarine


Lashing Waves: Unfinished Pirates!

This vessel flies no colours and is brimming with armed Clay Men. Pirates!

Repel Boarders!

Your crew outnumbers them, but the Unfinished are devils in a close fight.
[[Dangerous]] challenge, low risk at 166

Outpace them

A fast vessel you wanted, and a fast vessel you have. They will have only your wake for company.
**unlocked with 1 x Swift Zee-clipper

Fury of the Unterzee Opportunity Cards


Fury of the Unterzee: Taken

The ship's engines stop. But you're picking up speed.

Oh no The boiler chuckles to itself. Ropes knot themselves into snares for your crew. Your ship has turned against you. Warning - this could remove all the progress you've made on your journey.

Watchful challenge


Fury of the Unterzee: Lost but not Alone

The lights in the roof above you are going out one by one. You shiver in your overcoat. Where are you?

Hands tapping on the hull Grey hands under the water, reaching up. Hundreds. Thousands. Warning - this could remove all the progress you've made on your journey. A matter of luck: it could go either way.


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