The Protege Of A Mysterious Benefactor


silhouettemansmall.png the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor Who is this person? Why are they being so generous? What do they want?

A Note in the Gruel

Obtained in New Newgate Prison (Again):


A gift!

Location: Your Lodgings
Unlocks: the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor 1
When you were… indisposed, a mysterious benefactor promised you a gift. And now, a package has been delivered. Somehow, they knew what you'd find most useful. What is it?

Option 1: Brass Knuckles

For the removal of life's little difficulties. [This is the Dangerous choice.]

Option 2: A huge supply of mint humbugs

A useful tool of introduction. [This is the Persuasive choice.]

Option 3: A bowler hat

Bowler hats are very common. One could blend inconspicuously into a crowd when wearing this. [This is the Shadowy choice.]

Option 4: A pair of extremely shiny shoes

What secrets could you see reflected? Many things are hidden close to the ground. [This is the Watchful choice.]


With the parcel

Location: Your Lodgings
Unlocks: the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor 2, (Gift of the Mysterious Benefactor)
There was a note with your gift

Option 1: Open it up

What does your benefactor have to say?


Dangerous Path

Persuasive Path

Watchful Path

Shadowy Path

Paths then return


A past benefactor [Standard]

Your benefactor! - …
Unlocked with the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor 7

What happened to your friends?

Did they find what they were looking for?
humbugssmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x A Bag of Fierce Mint Humbugs]

If things had been different…

Perhaps they can be yet. Spend Fate to begin the Benefactor storyline from the beginning again, when the gift arrived in your lodgings. N.B., the new gift will replace your current one.


Requires 8 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.

If things had been different…

Where did that exotic affliction first enter the world?
brassknucklessmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Brass Knuckledusters]

Who was the Tattooed Woman?

Did you make the wisest choice?
bowlerhatsmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Unobtrusive Bowler Hat]

And what of the secrets of Hell?

Why did you advise him as you did?
shoessmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Mirror-polished Shoes]

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