The Mirror-Marches

A lush and stinking amber place of trees and eyed vines and orchids twining round mirror-frames

Access to the Mirror Marches is granted by three methods.

The direct method is the Mahogany Mirror in the Carnival - it's unlocked with 10 x Memory of Light and expends two of them to gain entrance. Another method is to go insane - reach Nightmares 8 - with at least one Memory of Light in your possession. A third method is to pay 7 Fate and take the "Option 2: Set fire to your mirror" branch of the "A plan occurs" opportunity card in the State of Some Confusion.

Storylets often raise and lower Nightmares, so keep a close look on where your rating is… and some of them are only unlocked with a certain level of Nightmares.

As of Nov 10, 2010 there is nothing special if you raise your Nightmares all the way up to 21.

If your Nightmares quality ever reaches zero the following event will happen:


The mirror-frames

Here and there are peculiar, empty shapes, tangled in the undergrowth or opening in rock.

Look at the brass frame

Fat and round, there is something a little obscene and suggestive about the shape of this frame.
sidebarnightmaressmall.png [Unlocked with Nightmares 3]

Look at the silver frame

This is a simple, slender frame. Nothing is growing on it, in contrast to all the others, which are thickly covered in vines.
sidebarnightmaressmall.png [Unlocked with Nightmares 4]

Look at the iron frame

This is a huge, twisted monstrosity, covered in black iron thorns, wicked and sharp.
sidebarnightmaressmall.png [Unlocked with Nightmares 6]

Look at the ivory frame

Ivory, or bone? Its design is a hundred coiling serpents. Look closer: each is eyeless.
A matter of luck: how can you fail?
pocketwatchsmall.png [Unlocked with 3 x Mouse: So Little Time and no more than 6 x Mouse: So Little Time]
magnifyingglasssmall.png [Unlocked with Playing Cat and Mouse with an Evasive Target 6 and Playing Cat and Mouse with an Evasive Target no more than 6]

The seductive forest

The jungle you find yourself in is lush and hot and verdant. Explore a little.
sidebarnightmaressmall.png [Unlocked with Nightmares 5]

Follow the scent of roses

The forest smells of moisture and rot, mainly. But you catch a thread of a sweet, clear, floral scent - something still fresh. Follow it.

Follow the sound of water

That could be a stream you hear. Water is important, is it not?
A matter of luck: it could go either way.


The Temple Complex

Welcome shade among those fallen walls. But also darkness.
sidebarnightmaressmall.png [Unlocked with Nightmares 3]

Be enticed by the temples

The buildings look abandoned, but that doesn't mean they're safe.

_ Watchful challenge

Stay away from the ruins

The buildings look abandoned, but that doesn't mean they're safe.


A familiar scene?

A flickering glow emanates from this mirror-frame. On the other side is a lavishly appointed hotel bedroom: polished wood, thick violet carpet, candles in silver sconces.

Step through the mirror

Yes, that's where you should be! The Royal Bethlehem! The State of Confusion!

Opportunities - autofire

Ordinary opportunity cards do not show up in the Mirror Marches. The bold explorer may find many strange things here…


A glimpse of a tavern

Unlocks: Route: Wolfstack Docks


A glimpse of a clock

Unlocks: a bringer of death 1


A glimpse of debauchery

[Unlocked with Connected: Bohemian 10, Hedonist 5]


A glimpse of a kiss

Unlocks: Connected: Revolutionaries 5


A glimpse of amber

[Unlocked with Connected: Rubbery Men 5]


A glimpse of a dressing-room

Unlocked by An Annoyance to Jack-of-Smiles 1


A glimpse of a cat

[Unlocked with Connected: Urchins 5]


A glimpse of a church

[Unlocked with Connected: The Church 10]


A glimpse of silver

Unlocks: Master Thief 1


A glimpse of brass

Unlocks: Recurring Dreams: The burial of the dead 5


A glimpse of a devil's teatime

Unlocks: Nightmares 1, Connected: Hell 10


A glimpse of a sea

Unlocks: Having Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon 1


A glimpse of flowers

[Unlocked with Heartless 5]


A forest fire



A striped cat

Unlocked by Persuasive 48, Nightmares 4


A black cat

Unlocked by Shadowy 48, Nightmares 4


A spotted cat

Unlocks: Nightmares 4, Route: The Flit 1


A golden cat

[Unlocked with Watchful 48]

Opportunities - not autofire.

Ordinary opportunity cards do not show up in the Mirror Marches. The bold explorer may find many strange things here…


A green vine

A muddy dip in the ground. To get past it without slipping, you'd need to hold onto that line.

Grasp the vine

It is as thick as your wrist. It should be safe.
(A matter of luck: it could go either way.)


Purple Orchids

You reach a rather swampy area. Mud bubbles thickly underneath you, but the trees are strung with myriads of delicate orchids, glowing like tiny Christmas lanterns.

Pick an orchid

Allow yourself to be seduced by their elegant beauty.


Orange lilies

You come across a profusion of lilies, a forest within a forest. The hot orange blooms are speckled with dark red pollen. The scent is overwhelming.

Get closer to the lilies

That wonderful perfume! The luxuriant beauty of the blooms! Why resist them?


Night is falling



Heavenly fruits

As you wander the Mirror-Marches, branches laden with fruit occasionally sway into your path. Fruit! Real fruit. Golden peaches, indigo berries, ruby grapes - the forest seems to be offering it to you.

Eat a plum

We all know that succumbing to the temptation of strange fruit can be dangerous. But this branch is laden with fat, warm, amber plums. And you are so hungry…

Eat some grapes

A vine hangs overhead, one heavy branch dangling bunches of crimson grapes in front of you. The bloom lies soft on them, like dust on rubies.

Eat some cherries

These cherries are a deep, deep purple, so dark they are nearly black. They shine in your hand. Even if they are going to kill you, it might still be worth it.


A bird of paradise

The jungle is alive with birdsong, but most birds are shy; they usually stay hidden high in the tree-canopy. A bright flash of colour bursts from the bush beside you. A bird-of-paradise! It darts past you.

Follow it

Bright gold and orange glow against the green of the forest.

Pick up the feather

The bird has shed an iridescent feather. It looks like a fallen rainbow. You have to stop to pick it up.
Bright gold and orange glow against the green of the forest.


A snatch of music

The forest is full of birdsong. Some is harsh and discordant, some is intricate and melodic. But the snatch of music you just heard was something different: composed, orchestrated. Human?

Option 1: Follow the music

Is there someone here who can help you?

Option 2: I will sing with the forest!

We will entwine our voices like strong wild lianas!
unlocked with Stormy-Eyed 1


A thunderstorm [Standard]

In the time it takes to whisper a secret, the sun goes in and a chill settles on the jungle…

Take shelter

There is no point getting chilled to the bone on top of everything else. Wait the storm out under a tree.

Listen to the thunder

You have had many dreams of thunder in recent weeks. You are attuned to its voice.
cloudssmall.png [Unlocked with Having Recurring Dreams: What the Thunder Said 10]

A tree of scars

One of the tallest, thickest trees has been marked. High on its trunk, thick cuts can be seen.

Try to read the markings

Did someone leave a message for you?

Read the markings, if you know how

You can already see that the shapes are part of the Correspondence. Get a little closer and you may be able to discern their meaning.
Unlocks: a Scholar of the Correspondence 1


A shining beetle

A beetle whirrs past you, its flight slow and convoluted. Its carapace glows richly.

Catch the beetle

It's as simple as reaching out your hand. (A matter of luck: it could go either way.)

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