The Iron Republic

The Iron Republic

Freedom from laws and tyrants. All laws and tyrants, without exception. This place is exceptionally dangerous. You may be permanently changed.

You can access the Bazaar while in the Iron Republic, but not your hand, nor use actions from items in your inventory.

The opinions of the sky

Clouds burn bright over the harbour as you dock. They spew lies and curses into the dusty streets. Welcome to the Iron Republic.
You have moved to a new area: Iron Republic Streets
'Approaching Journey's End' has been reset: a conclusion, or a new beginning?
Your 'Troubled Waters' Quality has gone!
An Experienced Zailor is increasing…
An occurrence! Your 'Iron Republic Days' Quality is now 1!

Day 1, Hurled from High Places '

- I had only been ashore minutes when the burning sky opened and disgorged a mass of new laws for the Republic…
unlocked with Iron Republic Days
Committed challenge, Chancy (60%) at 1.

Looking backwards

'Even the devils hurried to cower in whichever buildings were sturdiest today. Were my thoughts entirely of myself?'

Day 8, Looking Back for Ever '

- shrill whistle, like a lobster being cooked…On rising, I discovered to my consternation that someone had defaced all reflective surfaces during the night, and everyone had great difficulty remembering what they looked like…'
unlocked with Iron Republic Days 8

An exchange of knowledge

'The only thing for it was to agree to an exchange of descriptions with a local. I picked a chestnut-seller of amiable expression and proposed a trade…'
An Admirer of beauty challenge, chancy (60%) at 1.

Enjoy your facelessness

'What a singular feeling! Of course, one missed the knowledge, but one might look like anything! A hippopotamus, a paragon of beauty, or the moon itself!'
unlocked with Hedonist of 5 but no greater than 20

Poking about

' - and upon exploring my face with my fingertip, I found features that were certainly not there yesterday.' This branch costs 2 Fate to play.

Day 12, Font of Disobedience

' - and a gleeful shriek as she flew past, heading towards the top of the Finger Tower…Her cousin was burning with a bright new flame, of a swirling pungent hue I've not seen before or since. It was then we realised that laws were being applied on an individual level…'

The forbidding of subtraction, a sudden rain of unbecoming thoughts…

' - but I admit I was rather preoccupied with what was happening to me.
Steadfast challenge, 100% at 20.

Day 15, Sinking into Freedom

' - those who stride over the politics of the Iron Republic as giants…They even prefer to meet in cellars and bohemian pubs, spurning the lofty halls that are theirs for the taking…'

One must also consider the nature of the speaker

' - it was in one such cellar, lit by flickering oil lamps, that a true believer among the devils told me that men's souls would be judged by their politics alone, and that morality was obsolete…'
Connected:Revolutionaries challenge, 100% at 19

Day 17, Burning the Ashes

' - and was discussing the brutal grey curves of the morning's architecture with a pair of earnest French anarchists…From ahead of us came the din of a street protest - this time against the Face Tax. This is hardly notable in the Iron Republic, but the problems started when exactly the same protest marched up from behind us, and we were stuck between the shouting doubles.

Run for it

' - doubles usually foretell catastrophe in the Iron Republic, so I took to my heels through narrow alleyways choked with ash and bones.'

In the thick

' - was perhaps not the greatest advertisement for human nature. I don't recall what started the argument, but I felt the need to intervene in the ugly brawl that broke out between the doubles.'
[[persuasive]] challenge, low-risk 90% at 181

Day 19, Omens of Alarm

' - but I didn't know at that time that my employees had read the revolutionary literature that covered every building, coin and statue that afternoon…

Talk them down

' - considered oneself to be a model employer. However, one was forced to employ firm language in dealing with this mutiny.'
Gang of Hoodlums challenge, chancy 60% at 1

Day 27, Nobler Hunger

' - Republic almost always has an Obloquy Fountain, usually in a prominent position in some civic square…

Municipal amenities

'This week, the Obloquy Fountain was said to be both particularly spectacular and easily accessible, so I determined to visit it.'
Wounds challenge, chancy 60% at 5, High-Risk 20% at 1.

Day 32, Blood Like Tar

' - the commotion in Directory Square was rumoured to be due to a particularly potent phenomenon of new arithmetic or meterorology, but when I got there I saw something more like a festival…

Stuck in

' - the laws had turned local again, and the far side of the revels were enjoying some particularly novel art. Of course, I couldn't resist.'

Remaining safe

' - and revellers were being castigated for their lack of vision by four different cadres of radicals, two of them devils. But the music was tuneful and the poetry usually rhymed.'

Day 34, Crowns Without Number

' - strolling through the fog, which was something of an effort, as it had the consistency of thin porridge and stuck to one's hair…A passing devil pushed a noose into my hand and told me I was the Republic's chief judge for the afternoon.'

A firm hand

' - the only thing to do was to attempt to learn the day's laws and dispense the local brand of judgement as I saw fit.'

The hand of mercy

' - to actually understand the law here was unthinkable, so I resolved to turn the defendants loose. The streets of the Republic are punishment enough if you ask me.'

Day 38, Hope Failing

'- and apart from the prison - this week called the Palace of Definition - the most dangerous landmark in the Republic is a wall…

The wall

' - the wall towers over the city, smooth and perfect but for the holes punched through the brickwork. Unlike the rest of the city, the wall remains constant. The devils weeping at its base are the danger.'

Day 40, Talons Marking Solitude

' - was introduced to Miss Baggers, who was at one time the star barrister of Baseborn & Fowlingpiece in London…Years in the Republic sat lightly on her, and she claimed to have found her true home here.

Express your disapproval

' - and I told her what I thought of a bright young lady putting herself at the service of the "law" of the Iron Republic.'

Look closer

' - she was familiar, though, despite the beetles. Had we met in London? It all seems so long ago.'

Debate the Republic's law

' - could hardly pass up the chance to cross swords with a legal mind of the Republic, albeit a human one.'
[[Shadowy]] challenge, low-risk (90%) at 181

Day 42, Forgotten Bronze Drum

' - was strolling away, recalling my meeting with the barrister, when a shadow fell across my path…

Three devils

' - one could tell from their dress, bizarre as it was, that the three of them were devils of substance. Solemn, faceless demons held the crowds away from them.'

Day 48, Above Eagles

' - the great Market of Hungers, under its iron spires cast in mockery of the Bazaar, is one of the more stable areas of the Republic…One could almost think that the citizens enjoy the joke enough to ensure the place is spared the worst inconstancies.'

A killing in trade

' - was warned against trying my hand at business here. Nonetheless, I rose to the challenge.'
Admirer of Art challenge, 60% at 'A Gentle Critic'

Day 51, Eternity of Clarity

' - although many visitors to the Republic plan to leave before the Feast of Chains, the date was moved suddenly…Whether by some obscure council or a whim of natural law is immaterial.

Off to the party

' - was expected to attend. The nature of the symbolic tribute to freedom was a closely-guarded secret, and the devils were always in a foul temper if the wind or a statue had whispered about it beforehand.'
Heartless challenge, straightforward (100%) at 31

Day 55, Screaming Alone

' - devil would even consider dealing souls in the Market of Hungers…For in the Iron Republic, such transactions are cast as inspiration, absolution or conversion rather than a matter of trade.'

Half a thought

' - could only hear half of the conversation, no doubt due to the day's eccentric acoustic qualities, so I soon tired of listening and walked onwards.'

Looking back

' -was curiously inverted, so I was speaking to the back of the devil's face, which is an experience I do not wish to repeat. Nonetheless, he was willing to speak about souls.'

Day 61, Seven and Seven

' - always difficult to categorise…It might have been a protest, a riot or an enthusiastic act of street theatre. Thankfully, the glass rain had eased up, although the streets were still dangerously sharp and somewhat bloody.'

Taking a look, carefully

' - picked my way through the shredded corpses to see what was happening…'
A Steadfast challenge, straightforward at 20

Day 64, Clasped in Thunder

' - despite all this death and suffering, the Iron Republic grows larger every year…Do people really value this sort of freedom?'

Opening a hole

' - work gang were laying foundations for some new civic building. Their shouts spoke of something revealed under the heavy clay.'

Brass Ring challenge, very modest (80%) at 3.

Day 78, Stars Barely Remembered

' - unfortunate combination of diving metal-winged gulls and a mob of blood-drinking shadows demanding reparations for the snuffing of their lamps…I dashed for the nearest open door.'

Packed in

' - coffee house was crowded, of course, but there was a seat next to a portly devil of jovial countenance. These are the most dangerous sort, but I had little choice.'


' - but I had had enough. I resolved to close my eyes and will the place to behave itself, if only for a moment.'
costs 2 Fate to play.

unlocked with Day 81:

The Day Numbers Stopped Working

' - the death of the sounds and holding the rose first…The last with the sighs dropped the lark, the honey. Vinum inquit si non placet mutabo. Folding night in the red eyes of ferns.'

Righting alarm

' - holding the rose above the line. Fierce they were then, laughing and dying and flensed and green. B24. Oh Lualca, Where else could we fall?'

unlocked with Day 99


costs 5 Fate



A Day for Reading

The two devils in high collars and gold epaulettes examine your papers…They pay particular interest to your journal.

Staying here

'It seems to me that this journal is not complete. Are you sure you have sampled all we have to offer? The Republic has many corners.' **This will let you experience the Iron Republic again. **
This branch costs 3 Fate to play.

Back to zee

'Had enough of us, eh? Stumble around for a few days and you think you've seen it all. Well, we're best rid of your sort. Your ship may even be where you left it.'
You can return to the Republic once you have completed your voyage.

'Oh dear, oh dear'

'My, you have suffered from our little exuberances, haven't you? Never mind, just sign here and we can put it all right. Best sort it out now. Wouldn't do to get back to London and have your giblets drop out on the quayside.' This will reduce your menace qualities.
unlocked with Changed by the Iron Republic 2

Looking at your writing

'Well, there's nothing in here that the Consulate will object to. And the bit with the swan is hilarious, to boot. Here's your journal back, now be off with you.' This will gain you an Iron Republic Journal.
unlocked with Changed by the Iron Republic 5


'Oh dear dear. You've been in the wars, haven't you? Fair toughened you up, though, hasn't it?' This will significantly increase your Daring, Forceful, Ruthless and Austere qualities. This branch costs 10 Fate to play.
unlocked with Ruthless, Forceful, Daring, and Austere under 31; unlocked with Changed by the Iron Republic 5


'You've kept out of the worst of it, haven't you? Kept yer wits about yer, didn't hurt nobody, took pleasure while yer could? A tall order, that, around here.' This will significantly increase your Hedonist, Subtle, Magnanimous and Melancholy qualities.
unlocked with Hedonist, Magnanimous, Subtle, Melancholic under 31; unlocked with Changed by the Iron Republic 5

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