The Forgotten Quarter

An interesting place for the very Watchful

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What can you find in the Forgotten Quarter?

The Quarter is the last remnant of the Fourth City, which the Bazaar acquired five hundred years ago. Statues of warrior-kings line silent avenues. A fountain shaped like a silver tree stands before a ruined palace at its heart.

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You can pursue one of a number of archaeological expeditions in the Forgotten Quarter. If you are enjoying lethal prominence you can engage with various assassins here, too. Here you are also able to call in favours from the Rubbery Men, the Tomb-Colonies or Hell if your connections are high enough.

How does one get to the Forgotten Quarter?

Gaining passage (a Route Quality) to the Forgotten Quarter is opened with 1 x London Street Sign when your Watchful Quality is high enough. You can also visit the Forgotten Quarter temporarily through The Ways of the Forgotten Quarter Opportunity Card. Other Stories may also grant temporary access to the Quarter. (The Forgotten Quarter is most interesting for those who have Watchful 60+.)

How does one get out of the Forgotten Quarter?

You can generally find your way out of the Forgotten Quarter. It's just difficult to remember afterwards how you did it.

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Forgotten Quarter Storylets

The storylets available to you change depending on your Watchful Quality and whether or not you are involved in a story. The links below will jump to a new page describing the storylets available in the Forgotten Quarter.

forgottenquarter2small.png Storylets with no Watchful requirement
owlsmall.png Storylets requiring a Watchful of: 60-70 71-80 81-90
papers4small.png Pursue an Archaeological Expedition
knifetingsmall.png Storylets that appear when you are Enjoying Lethal Prominence
fangrose2small.png Storylets that appear during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose

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