The Foreign Office

The Foreign Office

The Foreign Office occupies two of the larger minarets and a copper pagoda in Wilmot's End. Wipe your feet.

Access to The Foreign Office is gained through the A Diplomat in the Making story.

Entering the Office

The Foreign Office is located in Wilmot's End. The following storylet must be played every time you enter the Office (thus it must be replayed if you leave and return):


Enter the Foreign Office

Here, somewhere amid the onion-domed minarets and great copper pagodas…

Which statue?

Stony faces without number, motionless in the fog. An exchange of secrets with a sly gardener.
Unlocked with A Diplomat in the Making 1, Compromising Document 3

Business in the Office


The Report Courier

The courier emerges from the bronze and jade doors of the archive department. He's carrying a thick report.
Unlocked with A Diplomat in the Making 1

Strike up a conversation at the tea urn?

Perhaps you can steal a glance at that bulging folder. Unfortunately, you'll have to accept a cup of the thick, coppery tea they drink around here.

An elegant distraction

While chatting with the courier, you notice a slip of paper poking out from his report. If you can distract him for long enough, you could snag it.
Unlocked with Mysteries of the Foreign Office 1


The Agents of the Teeth

A hollow-eyed woman is deep in conversation with two university students by the bust of Queen Elizabeth. She keeps glancing at you.
Unlocked with A Diplomat in the Making 1

Introduce yourself

As you approach, the woman nods curtly and the students scurry back to their lectures.


The diplomats of the Face

The department known as the Face deals with diplomacy, and other overt services.
Unlocked with A Diplomat in the Making 1

Can you make a good impression?

A civil servant regards you over a sheaf of manilla folders. He has the air of man trying to recall a popular tune.


The lobby

The vaulted foyer thrums with whispers. Here, beneath the ruins of Wilmot's End, you have stumbled upon the quiet clockspring of the Empire. Nimble spies duck between clerks weighed down with piles of parchment. Diplomats chat in little cliques.
Unlocked with A Diplomat in the Making 1

A particularly foreign office

The core of the building is a copper pagoda. But neo-classical wings give way to hollow marble arches, rainbow glass towers and basalt tombs. It's a warren. Perhaps someone will be good enough to show you around.


Leaving the Foreign Office

Enough of these intrigues. The Foreign Office can wait. Back to London.

Back down the tunnel

Stride past the portraits. A quick nod to the engineer who keeps the lifting machinery running.

Storylets which are unlocked at Working toward a Foreign Posting 5


Attend a state dinner

A Teutonic relative of the Empress has made the arduous journey down from the Surface. The government is throwing a state dinner in his honour.
Unlocked with Working toward a Foreign Posting 5

Wrangle an invitation

As state dinners go, this is a fairly informal family affair. Black tie, no need for medals or tiaras. Invitations are scarce.


Hunting spies

The spy's identity is unknown, even to the Foreign Office. Is it possible? Could it even be… the Civet?
Unlocked with Working toward a Foreign Posting 5

Working fast

Whoever it may be, the Devout Intriguer wants this particular spy investigated, seduced and compromised before lamp-lighting.


Getting into the Archives

The archives aren't closely watched. But the clerks know each other and they know the staff, too.
Unlocked with Working toward a Foreign Posting 5

It's all about the attitude

Can you affect the harried, absent-minded expression of a junior diplomat? Perhaps you could quote something in Latin or talk about the cricket.


Recruiting at the University

The Devout Intriguer from the Teeth would like a little favour. She tilts your chin with gloved fingers, to better examine you as she explains.
Unlocked with Working toward a Foreign Posting 5

Making friends with students

'Go to the University and note the names of any promising students. I'm looking for wit, resourcefulness and a certain lack of moral scruples. Soft, unblemished skin also goes a long way.'
Unlocked with Route: the University 1

The man in the fez

He stands as straight as a lamp post, with no gown or books. 'I have a message for someone. That someone might be you.'
Unlocked with Mysteries of the Foreign Office 1

Storylets which are unlocked at Working toward a Foreign Posting 7


Replacement Diplomats

The Face Recruitment Committee is sitting today. You know the department doesn't use University candidates, so where does it find recruits?
Unlocked with Working toward a Foreign Posting 7

Charm your way into the committee room

If you can understand how the Face recruits, you might be a step closer to a good posting.


The Devout Intriguer's Itinerary

Every Wednesday afternoon, the Devout Intriguer leaves the Foreign Office for several hours. Where does she go?
Unlocked with Working toward a Foreign Posting 7

Another way

The Devout Intriguer is an exceptional agent. It would not be wise to follow her personally. Perhaps you can piece together her route from passers-by and shopkeepers.


The Ministry Run

Early in the day, and sweating clerks load their reports into a quartet of steel chests large enough to hold a corpse. Out on the street, black-clad Special Constables guard official carriages.
Unlocked with Working toward a Foreign Posting 7

Escort duty

A senior diplomat and a veteran spy collar you beside the bust of Lord Palmerston. 'Would you mind accompanying this month's reports to the archives at Decency?'


The Press and the Dutch

The Devout Intriguer is having a screaming argument with a diplomat from the Face. You hear '…or I'll feed you to the Saint on the roof!' before she turns to you.
Unlocked with Working toward a Foreign Posting 7

Off to see a gentleman of the press

'Fearful little unbred oik! I shouldn't have to deal with people like that. Anyway, I have a little something for you. See what Huffam knows about the Dutch. His sources are, alas, often better than ours…'


The Deeper Secrets

The intrigues and politics of the Foreign Office are outlandish, even by London's standards. Is there something untoward in the pagoda?
Unlocked with Working toward a Foreign Posting 7

Spies and diplomats and secrets

Does the Foreign Office have secrets? Well, how could it not? [This will allow you to uncover the truth about the struggle between Face and Teeth. Certain unusual rewards may also be available.]


Requires 20 Fate

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