Intrigue: The Curate and his Sister

Intrigue: The Curate and his sister

Storylets for the Intrigue: The curate and his sister Venture are first found in Veilgarden but occur in a few places in Fallen London.

This story can be completed more than once.

The Intrigue: The curate and his sister Venture is begun with a storylet in Veilgarden by choosing to look into the peculiar stories about the Melancholy Curate and his Enigmatic Sister.

Unlike other Ventures, the storylets do not have a bronze background and some storylets appear in different locations in Fallen London.

Progress in the Venture is shown with the Investigating… Progress quality. As your Investigating… increases, new storylets appear with additional opportunities to look into this mystery and become closer to this unusual pair. Eventually, opportunities to bring your acquaintance to a climax will appear, concluding this Venture.

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