The Crowds Of Spite

Colloquially known as the Pickpocket's Promenade

The Crowds of Spite are accessed via the Alleys of Spite storylet and are considered outside of London for purposes of interactions and access to things like the Bazaar and item conversions. There are only a few storylets that appear once you enter. Most of the interactions are with people (victims) drawn by Opportuinty Cards. When you have either lost your Unseen quality or your Approaching your Destination quality reaches 10, your journey will end and new storylets will appear.

Beginning Storylets


Stop and consider

What next?

How does this work?

Find out how to gather Pickpocket's Trophies, and what to avoid.
[This storylet will not cost you an action!]


Hang back and allow the crowds to pass. Wait for more promising marks. This will reduce your Approaching Journey's End, allowing you to stay out longer, but also damage your Unseen.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.

Opportunity Cards


A drunk

He addresses himself fondly to the gin-bottle in his hand. He has no eyes for anything else.

Pass by

Surely this sozzled wreck can't have anything worth the risk.

Easy prey

It almost seems unsporting. But only almost.

_ Shadowy challenge

A mould-spangled curiosity shop

Here is a convenient shop-window where you might pause, casually and naturally.


Hover in front of the window. A good opportunity to slow down, and to lower your profile.

Take advantage of another window-shopper

Now's your chance.

_ Shadowy challenge

A… pickpocket?

A stubble-jawed oaf in a blue nankeen waistcoat cannons into a vicar, bouncing off without an apology. His hand moves almost too fast to see. The vicar certainly notices nothing. Is that the notorious pickpocket Blue Jack?

Carry on

Leave the man to his work.

Swift his gropus!

Be wary. He is.

_ Shadowy challenge


A hunch-backed figure lopes snuffling along the street. A New Newgate gaoler!

Avoid him

Too many memories of a cramped dark place.

Steal from him

No doubt he (she?) has stolen from prisoners. It's justice of a sort.

_ Shadowy challenge

The Actress

She dazzles, this one. More so on the stage - up close, you can see the years beginning to work - but that splendid smile still warms you. How close do you want to get?

Not too close

She attracts too much attention for your liking.

Close enough to snatch a jewel

Real or paste?

_ Shadowy challenge

The Costermonger

The costermongers of Fallen London are a fierce and independent tribe. This one may look sweet as sherry, but don't cross her.

Avoid her watchful gaze

Costermongers know how to deal with thieves.

Pick her pocket

Wait until she's speaking to a customer -

_ Shadowy challenge

The Shopkeeper

He's hurrying importantly home, pockets jingling.

Leave him

Seek more intersting prey.

Lighten his load

It's a promising sort of jingle.

_ Shadowy challenge

The Monk

He moves through the crowd with the wary gaze of the outsider, stepping deftly round puddles. Barefoot. That's brave.

Move on

Who knows what foreign weirdness he trails in his wake?

Dip into his robes

All manner of overzee treasures might wait beneath the saffron folds!

_ Shadowy challenge

The Rat-Catcher

Here he is with a seeping sack of rodent corpses, a stained black great-coat and an embroidered patch which reads: THEY DO NOT FLY.

Slip by

You have enough rats in your life as it is.

Quietly does it

Hardly a choice mark, but he's distracted and those pockets do bulge intriguingly.

_ Shadowy challenge

A Constable!

A silver-mustachioed veteran of dozens of street brawls.

Pass by hurriedly

He's moving at the traditional copper's stroll. His attention is elsewhere.

Pick his pockets

It's what you're here for, after all.

_ Shadowy challenge

A Street Performer

Chunks of glim swoop and soar in his hands! Marvel at his dexterity! His patter! His hat!

Drift on

No one has eyes for anything except the juggler and his glim. This will increase your Unseen if it's currently below 3.

Lighten the pockets of the audience

They're rapt with attention.

_ Shadowy challenge

Ending Storylets

If you've managed to remain Unseen, and your Approaching your Destination quality reaches 10, no more Opportunity Cards are available and you are presented with this storylet.

The End of the Road!

You've completed your promenade through the streets of London. What now?


Examine your loot

Turn out your pockets… including the hidden ones you prepared in case of difficult encounters with Constables and other troubles.
[Costs 0 actions]

If you lose all your Unseen, instead, no more Opportunity Cards are available and you are presented with this storylet:

No longer unseen!

You've attracted too much attention! Time to flee. The more Suspicion you've accrued, the more you'll suffer.

Your notoriety is limited

The Constables aren't currently seeking you.
sidebarsuspicionsmall.png [Unlocked with Suspicion no more than 2]
[This storylet will not cost you an action!]

Too close for comfort

Your reputation follows you like an insistent stray dog.
sidebarsuspicionsmall.png [Unlocked with Suspicion 3 and Suspicion no more than 4]
[This storylet will not cost you an action!]

Your face is too well known

A shout goes up! Your name, and spoken none too fondly. A Constable's whistle blows!
sidebarsuspicionsmall.png [Unlocked with Suspicion 5]
[This storylet will not cost you an action!]

No matter how you leave the Crowds of Spite, you are presented with an opportunity to exchange your Pickpocket's Trophies for goods. (You will lose any Trophies you do not exchange when you leave the Crowds of Spite.)


Dispose of your Pickpocket's Trophies

You'll get better value from disposing of large quantities of Trophies at once: but you may have special requirements for particular items.



This will discard any remaining Pickpocket's Trophies, and take you back to Spite.

(When you have disposed of all trophies, only this action will be available.)


Dispose of fifty Trophies via the Acquisitive Relicquarian

Among a disappointing haul of junk, you find code-tablet fragment wrapped in an undistinguished handkerchief! You know a man who'll pay well for this.
pursesmall.png [Unlocked with 50 x Pickpocket's Trophy]

Dispose of forty Trophies

Handkerchiefs are among the chiefest loot of the pickpocket's trade… but they're too identifiable. The Marred Mercer will render them anonymous, and pay you in fine cloths.
pursesmall.png [Unlocked with 40 x Pickpocket's Trophy]


Someone was walking the streets with a pocket full of very personal correspondence. You'll hang on to these!
pursesmall.png [Unlocked with 30 x Pickpocket's Trophy]

Dispose of twenty Trophies

Jewels! Sort through the paste and glass and find the real treasures.
pursesmall.png [Unlocked with 20 x Pickpocket's Trophy]

Dispose of ten Trophies

A miscellany of little treasures. Let's tot 'em up.
pursesmall.png [Unlocked with 10 x Pickpocket's Trophy]

Dispose of five Trophies

These handkerchiefs are only Neath-silk, but they're plain and unadorned and easy to fence.
pursesmall.png [Unlocked with 5 x Pickpocket's Trophy]

Dispose of one Trophy

A sticky mass of amber. Fresh-plucked from a Rubbery Man?
These handkerchiefs are only Neath-silk, but they're plain and unadorned and easy to fence.
pursesmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Pickpocket's Trophy]

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