The Broad Unterzee

The Icy Black Unknown

The Broad Unterzee

Far calmer than any surface sea: black glass stretching to the fathomless depths of the Neath, glimmering with the light of false-stars. Beautiful in the way that only mirrors are, and deserts. Also positively stuffed with monsters and nine kinds of pirate.


Zailors trade dog-eared maps, dotted with menacing little tentacled beasts and spouting whales. They are very decorative and almost entirely useless.

Sidebar texts

You will require a ship to travel on the Broad Unterzee. Once you have a ship, you can embark on a zee voyage.

Only a few storylets are available while at zee. However, a different set of Opportunity cards (Troubled Waters cards) will be in your deck. If you make landfall with unplayed Troubled Waters cards in your hand, they will reappear when you enter the Unterzee again.

To complete a voyage, you must raise your Approaching Journey's End Progress Quality to 9. It is reasonable to avoid raising your Troubled Waters Menace Quality too high but, as with many unfortunate consequences in Fallen London, consequences are more inconvenient than permanent.

You have access to the Bazaar while on the Unterzee. You will not be sent to New Newgate Prison because of excessive Suspicion. Additional suggestions and information on navigating the Unterzee are gathered on their own pages.

Starting a Voyage


A zee-voyage begins

Always a time of invigorating optimism!

[To reach your destination, raise Approaching Journey's End to 9. You don't need to choose your destination until then. Beware of the Troubled Waters quality…]

(No longer available at Approaching Journey's End 1)

At Zee


Steam Prudently

Stay on the charted routes, steer far away from known hazards.
(No longer available at Approaching Journey's End 9 or Troubled Waters 11)

A cautious captain

Slow ahead! That's the safe option. Safer than the alternative, at least.


Steam Boldly

Navigation is for cowards…Forth! Forth to the icy black unknown!
(No longer available at Approaching Journey's End 9)

Extrapolate from the charts

There's no need to be foolish. Make an educated guess on the balance of speed and danger.
(No longer available at Troubled Waters 9)
(A matter of luck: it could go either way.)

Make it up as you go

Those tales are folly and humbug! Steam into those parts of the map covered in warning signs and blood.
(No longer available at Troubled Waters 10)
(A matter of luck: the odds are against you here.)

Ignore the warning signs

Zee-bats whistling. Mysterious wakes where there are no ships to leave them. A prophesying bo'sun. Moonish light the colour of blood. Not your problem!
Unlocked with Troubled Waters 9
(A matter of luck: the odds are against you here.)

Journey's End


Across the Southern Archipelago

There, on the horizon! - You're nearly there! But where?
Unlocked with Approaching Journey's End 9



The gaslights of Wolfstack Docks will bring you to a safe berth.


Mutton Island

A pleasant, isolated fishing community in the Southern Archipelago. The islanders are said to practise quaint, bucolic customs that date from before the Fall.


Hunter's Keep

Perhaps the smallest island in the Archipelago, it's little more than a chunk of rock with a house on top. But there are tantalising rumours of eery lights and ethereally beautiful inhabitants…


Bullbone Island

They say that not all the bones are from bulls, and the trees dance in the pale glim-light.
(unlocked with Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery 3)


Corpsecage Island

A spit of black rock and stunted heath. Touched by all the previous cities, so they say.
(unlocked with Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery 3)


The Western Wall

Waterfalls of milk. Apples of fire. Laws that shatter like glass. Here, the Iron Republic holds dominion.

Unlocked with 1 x Iron Republic Safe-Conduct .


The Sea of Voices

Who would choose to go to Polythreme? But some duties cannot be denied.
Unlocked with 1 x Screaming Map .


The Carnelian Coast

The grandest outpost of Empire in the Neath, and the gateway to the Elder Continent!
[It is not yet possible to take this route.]
Unlocked with 1 x Charts of the Carnelian Coast .



The narrow way past the Pale Wastes, past the Drowning Dust. The Dilmun Club might seek this place, or those mad with strange hunger. All others, turn back now.
[It is not yet possible to take this route.]
Unlocked with Embarked on an Expedition to the North 1.


The Pillars

What are the Pillars? An army struck to stone? A city perched on weathered crags? An abyss that swallows temples? And where would you find them?
[It is not yet possible to take this route.]
Unlocked with 1 x Green Glass Beacon-Lamp.


The East

If one could cross the Unterzee to the utermost East, what would one find? Is it really thence the Widow's brandy comes?
[It is not yet possible to take this route.]
Unlocked with 1 x Celestial Cinnabar Compass.

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