The Blemmigan Affair

A story of scandalous verse and fungal ambitions, suitable for all players at a cost of 30 Nex.

Start with a storylet available anywhere in London:


An escaped blemmigan!

"Mubsy! -

Signal a passing Constable

They have the tools to handle this. Specifically, thick gloves.
[This storylet will not cost you an action!]

Walk away

If people can't control their pets, they shouldn't have them in the first place.
[This storylet will not cost you an action!]

Recapture it

Luckily for the lady, you stand between her pet and its freedom.
This will start a story of scandalous verse and fungal ambitions. It is ideal for new arrivals to Fallen London, but all may emerge the richer for it.

This branch costs 30 Fate to play.
blemmigansmall.png [Unlocked with The Blemmigan Affair 0 and The Blemmigan Affair no more than 0]

Requires 30 Nex

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