Talk of the Town

Begun through an opportunity card


A Polite Invitation [Standard]

Embossed letterhead; fluid script…
Unlocked when A Person of Some Importance is: A Significant Individual, A Paramount Presence, A Shattering Force, A Legendary Charisma, An Invisible Eminence, An Extraordinary Mind

Order your affairs; then attend.

The life of a Knife-and-Candle player can be complicated. You'll have to spend some time making the necessary arrangements to ensure the party is not rudely interrupted. However, the other guests will be eager to question you about your exploits. This will move you to a different area and empty your hand of opportunity cards. You may be safe from Knife-and-Candle attacks while at the party… unless another player has been invited too. You start with slightly more Talk of the Town.
master2small.png [Unlocked with A Participant in the Underground Leagues of Knife-and-Candle 1]
[This storylet will cost you 3 actions!]

What's that written on the back?

A name? A number? A spider-sketch? Is this an opportunity to assault another player or change your form?
master2small.png [Unlocked with A Participant in the Underground Leagues of Knife-and-Candle 1]
[This storylet will not cost you an action!]

Reply and attend

Entertaining company. Free food. Free wine. Why not? This will move you to a different area and remove your hand of opportunity cards.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge level 120 Broad difficulty
master2small.png [Unlocked with A Participant in the Underground Leagues of Knife-and-Candle no more than 0]
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 110]

While in this storylet you cannot be sent to New Newgate from excess Suspicion



Arriving at the Party

Unlocks: Time Remaining 6

The windows blaze with candlelight. Sprays of vibrant mushrooms line the path to the front door, where servants have been arranged to greet you. Their collars are starched as sharp as sword-blades.

Arrive punctually

It's only polite. And it gives a moment to shine before the crowds arrive.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 125

Arrive fashionably late

It wouldn't do for people to think this was the only demand on your time.
[You will miss the start of the party but have a chance of making a bigger impression with your arrival.]
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 130


Mingle with the Guests

The house heaves with the rich, the fashionable, and those who aren't either but are desperate to be. It's important to be seen with the right people.

Exchange pleasantries with two creaking ladies

That's just the whalebone in their corsets, surely.
Connected: Society Challenge

Trade airy theorems with the Dean of Epigraphical Mathematics

Not for you the tattle of society tables. You crave intellectual substance!
Connected: Summerset Challenge, straightforward < 39

Indulge in Bohemian banter

Perhaps they're admirers of your work?
Connected: Bohemian Challenge


The Musicians are Testing their Strings

Unlocks: Time Remaining… 4
As the floor clears, guests dart about like hummingbirds to fill in the last spaces on their dance cards. You look over the names on your card.

The delightful young thing

Who is that? Their name isn't on your card, but there are ways and there are means.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 125

The clingy octogenarian

Their name is on your card, you suppose. Best honour it.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 125


The Last Dance

Those unable to keep up the pace have found chairs. Only the hungriest social animals are still on their feet, eyeing one another as they circle the floor.
Unlocks: Time Remaining 3

Attempt a fiery dance of the Elder Continent

It will certainly attract attention. But is London ready for it?
[Note: this will increase your scandal]
Unlocks: Mystery of the Elder Continent
(Persuasive challenge, low-risk at 124)

Stick to something stately

Others may resort to desperate grabs for attention. Class speaks for itself.
(Persuasive challenge, modest at 124)


The Dinner Gong

Unlocks: Time Remaining 2
The dining table is laid with geometric precision. Each setting bristles with cutlery.

Concentrate on the food

The chef is a master. Avoid distractions and focus on what's important here: the food.

Discuss recent fluctuations in the market

The Fallen London equivalent of talking about the weather. Neutral. Vacuous. Safe.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 126

Express an opinion!

Risky. Very risky.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 126


The Evening is Drawing to a Close

The meal has finished most people off. Eyes droop around the room. Gentlemen discreetly loosen their cummerbunds. The brandy begins to circulate.

Join the gentlemen for cigars and brandy

Discuss weighty affairs of state. Also ladies and sport.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 125

Join the ladies for sherry and confidences

There are things that you are dying to share, and the people here are finely-calibrated instruments for the dissemination of gossip.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 125


Taking your Leave

The last guests stagger into their carriages. The servants are at work cleaning up the food-stains and wine-spills. Time for home, and bed.

You've not gone unnoticed

The Quiet Statesman is waiting for you at the door.
Unlocks: Talk of the Town 1

Someone would like a word

Is that who you think it is? [This will trade Talk of the Town for Favours in High Places.]
Unlocks: Talk of the Town 12

Your host would like a moment before you leave

She looks very pleased. [This will trade Talk of the Town for a Personal Recommendation]
Unlocks: Talk of the Town 12


Make your Apologies

Unlocks: Time Remaining >1
Is that the time? There are other places you need to be.

Take a cab home

An early night is in order.
[This will return you to your lodgings, discard your hand of party opportunity cards, and reduce your Talk of the Town a little.]

Opportunity Cards


The Turkish Girl…

She's the talk of the shroom-hopping circuit, with a shelf of gold morels. She's here as more of a talking-point than a guest, though.
[Check this card at different times during the party to see different possibilities.]

…has been cornered by spicily arrogant d├ębutantes

It's possible to be very polite and very cruel at the same time. Intervene.
Unlocks: Time Remaining… 5
(Persuasive challenge)

…has a space on her dance card

It would be a crime for someone so accomplished to have to sit out a dance, but have you the courage to ask her?
Unlocks: 4 x Time Remaining…
Unlocks: Daring 1
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 123

…has taken her shoes off to dance

Ankles! Naked ankles! People don't know where to look. Calamity looms.
Unlocks: Time Remaining… 3
(Persuasive challenge)


The Brass Ambassador…

Today, the Brass Ambassador is a statuesque she-devil, endearingly scatterbrained and disconcertingly attentive.
[Check this card at different times during the party to see different possibilities.]

…bumps into you on the street outside

The bump is literal - she was reading some papers. A private moment with her is an opportunity. Perhaps a bottle of her favourite vintage will buy her favour.
Unlocks: Time Remaining… 6
Unlocks: Broken Giant 1844 x 1
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 120

…is pretending you don't exist

They know your name even in the circles of Hell. This won't do.
Unlocks: Time Remaining… 5
Unlocks: A Person of Some Importance 1
Persuasive Challenge

…asked you to bring a certain document along

Why she wanted this particular contract from your collection, you don't know.
Unlocks: 1 x Time Remaining…
Unlocks: 10 x An Infernal Contract
Watchful challenge straightforward at 120


The Nibbles Tray

unlocked with Time Remaining… 1
Oh, dear God. Lemon biscuits so light, only the mint leaf on top of each one keeps it from floating away. Little thimbles of chocolate, dark as sin. Cages of spun toffee, with fresh strawberries rolling inside!

Must…resist! Think…of waistline!

The tray floats nearer. All eyes are on you.
Austere Challenge

Help yourself

There's no need to limit yourself to one - who could choose between such delights?
Hedonist Challenge


The Jovial Contrarian…

He'll argue for the rights of Clay Men in the columns of one paper and against them in another. But he's a prized presence at parties; who doesn't enjoy a good argument? [Check this card at different times during the party to see different possibilities.]

…is looking for someone to argue with

Take a seat next to his wheeled chair. You'd rather debate than dance any day.
Unlocks: Time Remaining… 4
Watchful challenge straightforward at 128

…is about to give a Whiskered Admiral a fit

Someone needs to intervene. A fatality does the party spirit no good at all.
Unlocks: Time Remaining… 2
> Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 122


The Tentacled Entrepreneur…

It has a stranglehold on the amber trade and a warren of factories crammed with Rubbery workers. All its wealth, though, hasn't bought it more than a foot in society's door. [Check this card at different times during the party to see different possibilities.]

…is heading hopefully in your direction

It has an odd gait for a Rubbery Man. Almost as if it has real bones in there somewhere. Converse with it, despite the stares. If 'converse' is the right word for all that miming.
Unlocks: Time Remaining… 5
(Persuasive challenge)

…is confused by the cutlery

Offer some discreet advice.
Unlocks: Time Remaining… 2
(Shadowy challenge, straightforward at 123)

…has a business proposition

The thing's rich as Croesus. No need to let snobbery interfere with business.
Unlocks: Time Remaining… 1, Connected: Society 40
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 124


The Whiskered Admiral…

(His years of steadfast if unimaginative service were ended by a politically unfortunate defeat. Now a reluctant civilian, he lives on wine, five meals a day and glorious memories.)

…would like to know who you are, exactly.

He asks loud enough to cut through the hubbub, and all ears twitch to hear how you'll respond.
Unlocks: Time Remaining… 5

…has turned an alarming shade of purple

Was it the heat? The chanterelle soup? The ankles of the Turkish Girl beside him?
Unlocks: Time Remaining… 2
Watchful challenge, straightforward at 129

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