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Suspicious activities will draw the attention of the law. You may need to throw the Constables off the scent if it reaches 4. If your Suspicion reaches 8, you will be imprisoned! (This is not necessarily a bad thing.)

Levels in Suspicion

  1. Not Entirely Blameless
  2. A Suspicious Character
  3. Attracting Attention
  4. Of Interest to the Authorities
  5. Sought by the Constables
  6. Thoroughly Wanted
  7. A Desperate Fugitive
  8. Imprisoned!
  9. Imprisoned!
  10. Imprisoned!

Why is my Suspicion getting worse?

Suspicion can be gained when failing a high-level Shadowy storylet or Opportunity card. You may also happen to make a choice which is successful but draws unwanted attention your way. (You must have done something shady!) Some items make you more Suspicious looking, like…. you know, Prisoner's Masks, Manacles, the usual stuff.

What happens if my Suspicion gets too high?

If your Suspicion quality reaches 4, the following action appears, in your lodgings, that allows you to deflect some of your Suspicion to a friend.


Find a way to throw the Constables off the scent

The authorities are taking too keen an interest in your activities. Perhaps a friend could help.
Unlocked with Suspicion 4

Ask a friend to cover for you

You was nowhere near the place! Ask this upstanding citizen!

If Suspicion reaches 8, you will be sent to New Newgate Prison - again! This isn't necessarily a bad turn of events. Several storylets can be unlocked there and a number of contacts can be made. You will, however, lose any Opportunity Cards you have in your slots but new ones will appear that offer you ways to reduce your Suspicion, among other things.

Imprisoned! Again!

Your unsavoury deeds have caught up with you. Or possibly an enemy has framed you. In either case, you are cornered by the Constables, tried rather summarily and transported back to New Newgate Prison.

[Reduce your Suspicion to 0 to escape.]
newgatesmall.png You've moved to a new area: New Newgate Prison - again!
raggedsmall.png Gain: 1 x Ragged Clothing
masksatinsmall.png Gain: 1 x Prisoner's Mask

Reducing Your Suspicion

There are several ways to reduce your Suspicion quality before you end up being imprisoned.



Nikolas & Sons Instant Ablution Absolution
Removes the most stubborn, savage & suspicious of stains! Warranted by the Topsy King hisself!

Reduces Suspicion.


Sober Dress
Suitable for someone who doesn't want to be noticed by the wrong other kind of someone.

Suspicion -1.


Workmen's Clothes
Rough but serviceable. As worn by the more respectable kind of labourer, and people who definitely haven't just escaped from prison.

Suspicion -1.

Opportunity Cards


The vigilant gentlemen in blue

The Constables are closing in! An Implacable Detective has been employed to hunt you down. What are you going to do about it?
[Unlocked with Suspicion 5]

Taunt the detective

It may not help your troubles, but it will make you feel better. And it will make a good story.

Find a patsy

You know a suitable victim, ripe for framing. Better they get hauled off to New Newgate than you. You have more important things to do.

Let destiny take its course

Perhaps you regret your actions. Perhaps you believe you will be vindicated. Perhaps you no longer care.

Confront the Implacable Detective

Show her that you have unique talents and are not to be pursued lightly!
tentaclessmall.png [Unlocked when In Possession of a Peculiar Personal Enhancement is: A Fading Nub, A Roiling Mass, A Quivering Addition, An Alarming Adornment]

Requires a quality gained in a Fate-locked story

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.


The Law's Long Arm [Standard]

Are those Constables following you? …
[Unlocked with Suspicion 2]

Official incompetence

A Constable is frantically chasing a spiralling mass of papers down the street, snatching any that come within range. Passersby hand them to him or surreptitiously grab them and tuck them away. One trips him up just as a document lands at your feet. This will help you with Suspicion.

Unleash Baseborn and Fowlingpiece

The Neath's most ferocious lawyers. Their barristers will have the sturdiest policeman quaking in his boots on your behalf.
documentsmall.png [Unlocked with 10 x An Infernal Contract]
clocksmall.png [Unlocked with Counting the Days no more than 5]
bagsmall.png [Unlocked with Spending Secrets 4]

Lay a false trail

The truth is drab and grey, and involves you going to prison. Better the Constables have a series of lies to interpret.
clocksmall.png [Unlocked with Counting the Days 6 and Counting the Days no more than 9]
bagsmall.png [Unlocked with Spending Secrets 4]

Make sure nobody is telling tales

If you're the sort that is unlikely to ever be a member of the Parthenaeum, you could throw your weight about in the underworld.
wineglasssmall.png Unlocked when Closest To is: Bohemians, The Great Game, The Docks, Urchins, Criminals, Hell, Revolutionaries, Tomb-Colonists, or Rubbery Men]
clocksmall.png [Unlocked with Counting the Days 12 and Counting the Days no more than 13]
bagsmall.png [Unlocked with Spending Secrets 4]


The following storylet is available in Spite when you have some Suspicion.


Confound the Constables

The Constables have been paying inconvenient attention to your activities. Perhaps it is time to confuse their efforts.
Unlocks: Shadowy 41, Suspicion 1 No longer available at Shadowy 56

A man with a past

You've found the name of the Inspector who is hunting you. In your experience, Inspectors can often be blackmailed.
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 50)

A riskier option: hide in a rookery

The dense slum of a rookery is a good place to hide, to catch something, to be stabbed…
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 53)

The following storylet is available in the Flit when you have some Suspicion.


Dealing with suspicion

If the authorities are interested in your activities, the Topsy King and his Raggedy Men can throw them off the scent.
Unlocks: Shadowy 73, Suspicion 1

A Feast!

They will help you if you throw a feast for the whole beggar-court. They like rats. Oh God, how they like eating rats.
Unlocks: 50 x Rat on a String

  • functionarysmall.png If you know the Wry Functionary, you can visit him in The Shuttered Palace to seek his help with Suspicion.

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