Surface-Silk Scrap

Surface-Silk Scrap
None of your sorrow-spider squeezings. This came out of a real surface worm. Create this by using other Rag Trade items in your inventory.
Create this by using Silk Scrap in your inventory.
Sells for 10 pence

Using Surface-Silk Scrap

Trade your Surface-Silk Scraps

Silk is delicious to the touch. But there are finer fabrics.


Trade with the Marred Mercer

'Movin' on up, are we? No worries. I'll sort yer out. Just keep it between us, right?' [This will always gain you Whisper-Satin Scrap. There may be other effects.]
Unlocked with 50 x Surface-Silk Scrap & Connected: Criminals 2


Take an armful of bolts to the Marred Mercer

'Bleedin' 'ell, you been breedin' silk-worms down 'ere or summat?' [This will always gain you many Whisper-Satin Scraps.]
Unlocked with 500 x Surface-Silk Scrap

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