Storylet Descriptors

Quests that you open through your actions or cards…

Descriptors for the various levels in storylets can be found here.

dirigiblesmall.png Preparing for a Daring Escape There's a half-mile drop from your window to the waters of the subterranean sea below. But a supply dirigible passes below once a day… This is the first storylet you will need to complete in Echo Bazzar - escaping the cell in New Newgate Prison that you find yourself in at the beginning of the game.
placeholder3small.png Homeless You need to find somewhere better to live. And soon. (Not really a story per se but you get this Story after you escape New Newgate Prison the first time as you exploring Echo Bazaar.)
silksmall.png Uncovering the Secrets of the Face-Tailor A phrase heard in the rain. What does it mean? (This storylet is available to those who connect to Echo Bazaar via Facebook.)
  1. - A conversation in the rain
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. - A Dreamer of Masks
  6. - No Friend of Masks

churchsmall.png Investigating a Trade in Souls: What's going on in the crypt of St Dunstan's? (gained through Opportunity cards, furthered at Ladybones Road)
fistsmall.png Exacting the Urchin's Vengeance: You will see justice done for the souls of the urchins. (gained through Opportunity cards)
claymansmall.png A visitor to the Clay Quarters: You have gained access to the Clay Quarters in the Comte's house, as part of your search for the Comtessa. (gained through starting a short story in Ladybones Road)
bohogirl4small.png A Finder of Heiresses: You found the missing Comtessa…poor soul. (gained through completing the above story)
claymansmall.png Mired in Clay: What do the Clay Men want from you? What have you found, down there in the warrens of the Clay Quarters? (gained through progress in Touched by Fingerwork)
  1. - Hated
  2. - Feared
  3. - An Enigma
  4. - Respected
  5. - Beloved

bohogirl7small.png A Keen-Eyed Lapidary: A Keen-Eyed Lapidary has been robbed! (Unlocked with Watchful: 30)
appallingsecretsmall.png Seeking Mr Eaten's Name: Why? In God's name, why? What can you possibly hope to gain? Stop now. Before it's too late. (gained through contact with Mr Eaten)
  1. - Flirting with disaster
  2. - Northridden
  3. - Beneath a Strange Sign
  4. - Boiling with Hunger
  5. - Breathing Darkness
  6. - Approaching the Brink!
  7. - Dancing with Damnation
  8. - Stained, Scarred, Chained

Whispered_Secretsmall.png Tracking down the Manager: You are resolved to find the man and have a stern word. (gained through Opportunity cards in a state of some confusion)
auntsmall.png Hosting an Inconvenient Aunt Story: An aunt of yours has descended to Fallen London to live the life she always dreamed of. (gained through Opportunity cards) Basically a Persuasive storylet.
eatersmall.png Marked by the Eater-of-Chains: Your flesh festers with the toothmarks of the thing they call the Eater-of-Chains. (gained through Opportunity cards)
  1. - Touched by Nightmare
  2. - Hunted by Horror
  3. - Free of Fear!
  4. - The Nightmare Returns!
  5. -
  6. - The Wound Gapes!
  7. - Seeking out your Fears!
  8. -
  9. -
  10. -
  11. - Quiescent once more

cadaversmall.png An Annoyance to Jack-of-Smiles: You have obstructed the ancient and ill-tempered murderer more than once. (gained through starting a story in Watchmaker's Hill)
bohogirl5small.png A Courier for the Dead: A dying spirit whispered a message in your ear. Take it to the Gracious Widow in Spite. (gained through Opportunity cards in Death)
bohogirl1small.png Commissioned to Enact Love's Revenge: A Betrayed Lover has commissioned you to enact her revenge on a Faithless Rake (gained through Opportunity cards in New Newgate Prison)
ratssmall.png Troubled by Vermin Your lodgings are prowled by rats! (gained through an action in Watchmaker's Hill)
ratssmall.png Vermin-Free: You are reasonably certain this place is free of vermin. (gained through finishing the rat infestation story at your Lodgings)
mastersmall.png A Veteran of Mr Sacks' Visit of '88: You survived a visit from the formidable Mr Sacks. Ho ho ho. (no longer available - gained through a visit from Mr Sacks on December 24th 2009)
bottleandglasssmall.png An Occasional Guest at Mr Wines' Revels You are sometimes invited to festivities limited to the favourites of the Masters. (gained through Opportunity cards, unlocks with Persuasive 45.)
flamessmall.png Plotting against the Masters For pay or profit, you are working to undermine the status quo. (gained through Opportunity cards, unlocks with Shadowy 45.)
knifetingsmall.png An Umpire of the Game of Knife-and-Candle You are occasionally asked to maintain order and sportsmanship. (gained through Opportunity cards, unlocks with Dangerous 45.)
devilsmall.png An Infernal Informant You have betrayed the Constables for the favour of Hell. Be sure they never find out. (gained through the final storylet at Ladybones Road, requires Watchful 57)
coppersmall.png A Constables' Pet You turned traitor on the demons of the Brass Embassy. Be sure they never find out. (gained through the final storylet at Ladybones Road, requires Watchful 57)
ruinssmall.png Engaged in a Rivalry of Antiquities You are engaged in a struggle to find Forgotten Quarter secrets before other archaeologists do. (gained through storylets at The Forgotten Quarter)
bottledsoulsmall.png Involved in the Soul Trade You have chosen to involve yourself in the Neath's lucrative but disturbing soul commerce. (gained at the cost of 25 Fate, begins the Soul Trade story)
lostdaughtersmall.png in contact with a Long-Lost Daughter (gained at the cost of 25 Fate, begins the Long-Lost Daughter story)
rubberyman3small.png investigating the Rubbery Murders (gained at the cost of 25 Fate, begins the The Rubbery Murders story)
22 - A One-Time Scourge of Tanners
bottledsoulsmall.png a Merchant of Souls You have become a Spirifer - a dealer in unlicensed souls. (a branch of the Soul Trade story)
demetersmall.png a Shepherd of Souls You have a joined a cause: you work to return lost souls to their rightful owners (a branch of the Soul Trade story)
blackjacksmall.png a Neddy Man Your cudgel keeps the wheel of commerce turning (available at Wolfstack Docks)
fistsmall.png a Union Sympathiser You are helping the downtrodden workers to organise. (available at Wolfstack Docks)
ribbonblacksmall.png Duelling with the Black Ribbon You have been invited to deadly sport with the Black Ribbon duelling society. Their duels end in permanent death. (available at your lodgings at Dangerous 73)
silhouettemansmall.png the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor Who is this person? Why are they being so generous? What do they want?

Levels of the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor

  1. -
  2. -
  3. -
  4. - Associated with a Benefactor
  5. - Associated with a Benefactor
  6. - Associated with a Benefactor
  7. - Free of Patronage
  8. - Remembered Fondly

cheesemongersmall.png an agent of the Cheesemonger an occasional agent of the unlikely Great Game operative through opportunity cards
honeysmall.png One who has Indulged in Unknown Pleasures You have tasted something that cannot easily be forgotten. From exploring the chambers of the heart
oldwomansmall.png associating with Radical Academics you have made friends among iconoclasts and free-thinkers (From an opportunity card at ~Watchful 80)
librarysmall.png a Scholar of the Correspondence You consider yourself the foremost authority on the Correspondence in the Neath (gained at The Forgotten Quarter at Watchful 80)
  1. -
  2. -
  3. - Smouldering Academic
  4. - Smouldering Academic
  5. -
  6. - Ecstatic Authority
  7. - Ecstatic Authority
  8. - Ecstatic Authority
  9. - Cryptophilologist Emeritus!
  10. - Cryptophilologist Emeritus!

18 - Cryptophilologist Emeritus!

mirrordarksmall.png Uncovering Secrets Framed in Gold
shipsmall.png a Zailor in the making
tigersmall.png making progress in The Labyrinth of Tigers
  1. -
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -
  6. -
  7. -
  8. -
  9. -
  10. -
  11. -
  12. -
  13. -
  14. - Under Orders!
  15. - Engaged in Theological Husbandry!
  16. - Engaged in Theological Husbandry!

scaryeyesmall.png Hearing Things...or are you? Late at night, you hear sounds like washing flapping in the wind, in the endless night above the streets of Fallen London. Like the click of claws on stone. Gained through the bag a legend ambition.
magnifyingglasssmall.png After proving yourself worth at the University you have a chance to start Solving Cases Around London
boho8small.png The Secular Missionary needs you for a case
saturninegentsmall.png Your Connected: Revolutionaries score will put you in contact with the mysterious Revolutionary Firebrand.
sproutsmall.png You may find yourself attending to the needs of a singular plant. Ornament and companion, or lodging-invading pest? And what will it consume next?
  1. - Tiny Little Shoot
  2. - Bold Little Vegetable
  3. - Bold Little Vegetable
  4. - Bold Little Vegetable
  5. - Bold Little Vegetable
  6. - Verdant Menace
  7. - Verdant Menace
  8. - Verdant Menace
  9. - Verdant Menace
  10. - Verdant Menace
  11. - Verdant Menace
  12. - Budding in the Pantry
  13. - Budding in the Pantry
  14. - Budding in the Pantry
  15. - Budding in the Pantry
  16. - Heavy with Fruit
  17. - Heavy with Fruit
  18. - Heavy with Fruit
  19. - Heavy with Fruit

bottlecrystalsmall.png in search of a Stiff Drink. Extraordinary thirst demands an extraordinary beverage.
  1. -
  2. -
  3. -
  4. - (No descriptor)
  5. - An ally of the Widow
  6. - An Enemy to the Widow
  7. - An ally of the Duchess

devilsmall.png You could be on dangerously familiar terms with certain denizens of the Brass Embassy by becoming an Intimate of Devils.
tattoosmall.png Mr. Clathermont needs some help. You can do so by visiting Clathermont's Tattoo Parlour.
writersmall.png Raking the Muck of the Neath Assisting journalists of a low and salacious sort.
ratsmall.png Sympathetic about Ratly Concerns You are on good terms with your Rattus Faber companions.
toysoldiersmall.png Playing with Broken Toys A picture of a smiling child. Scraps of cardboard. Cogwheels and porcelain. Something is going on…
pocketwatchsmall.png Day of the Week Shows the weekly variety bill you have chosen in Mahogany Hall.
magnifyingglassgoldensmall.png Solving Cases Around London A Watchful story that takes place after the university.
keyhole1small.png A Person of Some Little Consequence On your way to becoming a person of importance
  1. -
  2. - An Ally Visits your Lodgings
  3. - Prowling Watchmaker's Hill
  4. - Carousing in Veilgarden
  5. - In the Shadows of Spite
  6. - The Secrets of Ladybones Road
  7. - The Trappings of Importance
  8. -
  9. - The Coils of the Bazaar
  10. - The Coils of the Bazaar
  11. - The Coils of the Bazaar
  12. - The Coils of the Bazaar

bearsmall.png Recalling the Surface: Dangerous Is someone from the surface intent on harming you?
  1. - Hounded by the Unjust
  2. -
  3. - Unreason's Plaything
  4. - Memories of Blood
foxsmall.png Recalling the Surface: Persuasive Perhaps someone from the surface loves you still
  1. - Savage Lover
  2. -
  3. - Haunted by Love
  4. - Only Memories
catsmall.png Recalling the Surface: Shadowy Do those shadows contain a reminder of your past?
  1. - A Tenacious Victim
  2. -
  3. - The Pursuit of Justice
  4. - Dim Memories
owlsmall.png Recalling the Surface: Watchful Why is someone from the surface looking for you?
  1. -
  2. - A Vengeful Conviction
  3. - A Thirst for Secrets
  4. - Memories Never Forgotten

placeholder2small.png Featuring in the Tales of the University A hundred dusty passions burn within these ivied walls.
  1. -
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -
  6. - A Guest Lecturer
  7. - A Guest Lecturer
  8. - A Guest Lecturer
  9. - A Guest Lecturer
  10. - A Guest Lecturer
  11. - A Guest Lecturer
  12. - A Guest Lecturer
  13. - A Guest Lecturer
  14. - A Guest Lecturer
  15. - A Guest Lecturer
  16. - A Guest Lecturer
  17. - A Guest Lecturer
  18. - A Guest Lecturer
  19. - A Guest Lecturer
  20. - A Guest Lecturer
  21. - A Guest Lecturer
  22. - A Guest Lecturer
  23. - A Guest Lecturer
  24. - A Guest Lecturer
  25. - The Moment of Truth
  26. - The Moment of Truth
  27. - The Moment of Truth

30. - An Idealist to the End
40. - A Ruthless Pragmatist

boxsmall.png a Survivor of the Affair of the Box: You were hired to steal a box by a Stuttering Fence who may have betrayed you.
12 - An Associate of Jasper and Frank
14. - Assisting the Kashmiri Princess(es)
deathsmall.png the Boatman's Opponent: You have distinguished yourself on the chequered field.
  1. - An Occasional Player
  2. - An Occasional Player
  3. - An Occasional Player
  4. - An Occasional Player
  5. - A Frequent Player
  6. - A Frequent Player
  7. - A Frequent Player
  8. - A Frequent Player
  9. - A Frequent Player
  10. - An Enthusiastic Player
  11. - An Enthusiastic Player

bohoposhsmall.png Courting The Celebrated Artist's Model
  1. - Flirtation
  2. - Reciprocation
  3. - Reciprocation
  4. - Intention
  5. - Intention
  6. - Intention
  7. - Intention

shipbigsmall.png An Experienced Zailor You've captained your own ship across the Unterzee. They speak your name with respect in the taverns of Wolfstack.
  1. - A Maritime Survivor
  2. - A Maritime Survivor
  3. - A Seasoned Captain
  4. - A Seasoned Captain!
  5. - A Well-Known Navigator!
  6. - A Well-Known Navigator!

mrsplentysmall.png Acquainted with Miriam Plenty's Past Getting to know the history of the carnival's proprietress
eatersmall.png In the Company of Monsters: Excuse me? Is your friend slavering?
envelopesmall.png Talk of the Town Your name appears regularly in the salons and gossip-columns. You can trade in this quality for certain favours or recommendations.
  1. - Today's Hot Topic
  2. - Today's Hot Topic
  3. - This Week's Story
  4. - This Week's Story
  5. - Flavour of the Month
  6. - Flavour of the Month
  7. - A Subject of Regular Debate
  8. - A Subject of Regular Debate
  9. - The Name on Everybody's Lips
  10. - The Name on Everybody's Lips
  11. - The Name on Everybody's Lips
  12. - Painting the Town Red

velocipedesmall.png On the Velocipede Squad - Putting the boot to the pedal.
  1. - Putting the Boot In
  2. -
  3. -

skullsmall.png a Bringer of Death - Death follows you. Even the true death. (This may ultimately be the key to your future)
34 - Death's Herald
sproutsmall.png You may find yourself Competing in a Tournament of Lilies. The obsession of the cryptobotanical set.
  1. - Seeking a Contest of Strength
  2. - Seeking a Contest of Cunning
  3. - Seeking a Contest of Blood
  4. - Seeking a Contest of Mysteries
  5. - Seeking a Contest of Voices
  6. - Seeking a Contest of Beauty
  7. - A Cryptobotanical Champion

knifetingsmall.png Facing a Murderous Opponent. The hand behind the knives.

3 - A Rival of Letters

knifetingsmall.png Embarking on a Voyage of Scientific Discovery Uncovering the secrets of the Unterzee for the betterment of all. Not least you.
4. An Established Scholar
clergysmall.png One can start Advising the Loquacious Vicar. A matter of tea and mystery.
  1. - Tea and Research
  2. - Tea and Research
  3. - Tea and Research
  4. - Tea and Research
  5. - Tea and Research
  6. -
  7. -
  8. - Making Money from Deviltry
  9. - Looking Into Hell

lipssmall.png A Friendship with a Bohemian Sculptress can be started in Veilgarden. She knows just the right kind of people.
  1. - A Veilgarden Regular
  2. - A Veilgarden Regular
  3. - A Veilgarden Regular
  4. - A Veilgarden Regular
  5. - A Veilgarden Regular
  6. - A Veilgarden Regular
  7. - A Pragmatic Poet for Hire
  8. - Ascending Fame's Ladder
  9. - A Vortex of Scandal and Indulgence

urchinsmall.png Befriending a Rooftop Urchin can gain one some interesting information about the Neath and a passing acquaintance with the Rooftop Urchin. A grubby sort, perching on your guttering.
  1. - A Ragged Associate
  2. - A Ragged Associate
  3. - A Ragged Associate
  4. - A Ragged Associate
  5. - A Ragged Associate
  6. - Honesty, no matter the cost
  7. -
  8. -
  9. - A friend no more

clayman4small.png One can start Collecting Clues for the Clay Coalman. A Clay Coalman, a cache of clues…
  1. - Looking for Secrets in Watchmaker's Hill
  2. - Looking for Secrets in Watchmaker's Hill
  3. - Looking for Secrets in Watchmaker's Hill
  4. - Looking for Secrets in Watchmaker's Hill
  5. - Looking for Secrets in Watchmaker's Hill
  6. - Looking for Secrets in Watchmaker's Hill
  7. - Bring in the Brethren
  8. - Seeking the Finer Things
  9. - For the Revolution!
  10. - A Clay Educator

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