Storylets Available Anywhere

The following storylets show up all the time if you meet the prerequisites, no matter where you are.


Find somewhere to live!

You need an address - or the Constables might scoop you off the streets for vagrancy…
Unlocked when not Homeless!

Charm your way into someone's home

You find yourself chatting to a widow who distributes food to the poor. 'Strange to find you on the streets,' she says. 'You're obviously a gentleman of quality.'

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge 0-15

Rent a room

A payment of Whispered Secrets will cover you for now.
[Unlocked with 15 x Whispered Secret]

Rent a room

If you don't have Whispered Secrets, rostygold will suffice.
[Unlocked with 20 x Rostygold]

Steal Whispered Secrets to pay your rent

Rent down here is often paid in secrets. The down-payment is 15 Secrets. Perhaps you can find some through stealthy work. This will take you to Spite.

Learn Whispered Secrets to pay your rent

If theft doesn't appeal, you can come by your 15 secrets honestly. This will take you to Ladybones Road.

Earn Rostygold to pay your rent

Rostygold is traditionally a reward for Dangerous work; thumping things, for instance, or being, in your turn, thumped. This will take you to Watchmakers' Hill.

Celebrate the Feast of the Exceptional Rose!
Deal With Your Hunger?

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