Quests that you open through your actions or cards…

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Meta qualities:

  • declaimsmall.png a Fully Informed Citizen of Fallen London This quality keeps you up to date with announcements.
  • questionsmall.png a Stranger A past yet to be revealed (This tracks your initial tutorial progress.)
  • placeholder4small.png a New Arrival A newcomer to Fallen London. (This tracks your early tutorial progress.)

The rest:

The followings require a specific Ambition:

  • scaryeyesmall.png Hearing Things...or are you? Late at night, you hear sounds like washing flapping in the wind, in the endless night above the streets of Fallen London. Like the click of claws on stone. Gained through the bag a legend ambition.
  • eyesmall.png You may find yourself Attracting Attention if you're involved in a certain quest against the will of Poor Edward. (Part of the Light Fingers ambition)
  • placeholder2small.png Exploring the Orphanage Prowling through halls of stark white walls… (Part of the Light Fingers ambition)

Get to Know Your Neighbors

These stories open the neighbors storylets in our Lodgings.
Added 12/21/2011

Living Stories

Many storylets will give you a message and provide you with a quality that is "redeemed" with a storylet after some time has passed.
The actions available from these messages are very rewarding.

Non Self-Contained Stories

These qualities are given from a large variety of actions and opportunities
Added february 2012

Storylets of Some Importance

These are a unique set of storylets that are unlocked (mainly in gold-bordered oppertunity cards) after becoming A Person of Some Importance.


Progress in these stories is reflected in an Intrigue quality.

Special Story Qualities

These Qualities are awarded for certain events and occasions.

  • mastersmall.png A Veteran of Mr Sacks' Visit of '88: You survived a visit from the formidable Mr Sacks. Ho ho ho. (no longer available - gained through a visit from Mr Sacks on December 24th 2009)
  • mastersmall.png A Veteran of Mr Sacks' Visits: You survived a visit from the formidable Mr Sacks. Ho ho ho. This is the Story Quality given on subsequent visits from Mr Sacks during the Christmas season. The level in this Quality indicates how many times you've been visited by Mr. Sacks.
  • scaryeyesmall.png a Veteran of All Hallows' Eve You've seen things. Rubbery things.
  • fangrose2small.png Looking for the Exceptional Rose The real Exceptional Rose, that is. The one they keep under lock and key at the heart of a Labyrinth.

Fate-Locked Story Qualities


These Story qualities appear if you have begun a story that requires Fate.

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.

Fate-locked content purchasable on the Fate page:

  • bottledsoulsmall.png Involved in the Soul Trade You have chosen to involve yourself in the Neath's lucrative but disturbing soul commerce. (Gained at the cost of 25 Fate; begins the Soul Trade story)
  • bottledsoulsmall.png a Merchant of Souls You have become a Spirifer - a dealer in unlicensed souls. (A branch of the Soul Trade story)
  • demetersmall.png a Shepherd of Souls You have a joined a cause: you work to return lost souls to their rightful owners (A branch of the Soul Trade story)
  • lostdaughtersmall.png in contact with a Long-Lost Daughter (Gained at the cost of 25 Fate; begins the Long-Lost Daughter story)
  • rubberyman3small.png investigating the Rubbery Murders (Gained at the cost of 25 Fate; begins the The Rubbery Murders story)

House of Chimes-related storylets:

As the house of Chimes is reserved to Exeptional Friends, this must be also considered as Fate-locked storylets, despite not having any fate-cost per se

  • expertsmall.png Learning from a Silk-clad Expert Surely there's no danger. She's only dreamed of the spider council, after all.
  • reluctantsoldiersmall.png Caught Up in a Soldier's Heartbreaking Tale A story of lost battles and lost love.

Fate-locked content continuing other storylets:

Acquiring this fate-locked qualities supposes you've advanced in some specific, non-fate locked content

  • rubberyman2small.png Visiting Flute Street (Gained at the cost of 18 Fate at the end of the Solving Cases Around London storylet; catalogs the progress of your journey into Flute Street.)
  • mapsmall.png Mysteries of the Foreign Office Sailing a sea of secrets Fate-locked continuation of the Foreign Office; costs 20 Fate
  • bishopsmall.png Bound in Diocesan Intrigue To storm Hell? Is that really the Bishop's plan? Fate-locked continuation of the Theological Husbandry; costs 20 Fate
  • velocipedesmall.png The Spinning of the Wheels Poking your nose into the hidden business of the Velocipede Squad Fate-locked continuation of the Velocipede Squad; costs 20 Fate

Other known qualities related to fate-locked storylets:

This is mainly gained during a fate-locked storylet

  • revolversmall.png A Warrior's Code You have always fought. The question remains - why?
  • mapsmall.png A Power in Waiting To what end do you wait, in the shadows of Empire?
  • flamessmall.png A Brazen Fate You ride the road to Hell, but what awaits you there?
  • bazaarsmall.png Fist of the Bazaar A leading agent of London's true power. (This may ultimately be the key to your future.)
  • flameringsmall.png Hellfarer Step by step, closer to the infernal gates. (This may ultimately be the key to your future.)
  • flagsmall.png Empire's Kingmaker A true patriot. Whatever your reasons. (This may ultimately be the key to your future.)

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