Stolen Correspondence

Stolen Correspondence
Good heavens. People do these things? And then write them down? Create this by using other influence items in your inventory.
Purchased for 10 pence, Sells for 5

Stored in inventory under Influence, when clicked on these actions are available:

Examine your Stolen Correspondence

Many people in London write their letters in code. There are thieves about, after all.


Speak with the Muffled Intriguer

His (or possibly her or its) identity is unknown. But whoever they are, they can sift the useful tidbits from a stolen letter. [This will always gain you Intriguing Gossip. There may be other effects.]
Unlocked with Stolen Correspondence x 24

A matter of luck: pretty good odds.


Spend a week decoding encrypted letters

Possibly a tiring but lucrative exercise. Possibly you like this sort of thing.
[This will always gain you much Intriguing Gossip.]
Unlocked with 200 x Stolen Correspondence

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