State of Some Confusion

Who goes to a state of some confusion?

You will end up exiled in A state of some confusion if your Nightmares reaches 8.

What is a state of some confusion like?

It's confusing, baffling, and quite scary. You are in swirling chaotic dreamland, although there is a hotel and a variety of dream things to explore. Often you may sacrifice your skills performing actions here.

What can you do here?

Hunt down the manager of the hotel. He's a slippery one, though. There is no access to the Bazaar from here.

How do I get out of here?

Storylets and opportunity cards will reduce your Nightmares to an acceptable level, but often at the cost of action points and skill levels. Leaving here will remove about 5 change points in each Dream story and will remove up to four Memories of Light.

What happens at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel?

The manager of the Hotel offers free rooms to guests of particular note or interest. He irritably denies the suggestion that he might be 'collecting' them.
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Storylets available:


Drink from the fountain in the lobby

You've seen other guests do this, and some of them speak in tongues, but some of them speak in their own voices afterwards. That would be nice, you think wistfully..

Take a deep gulp

Your Persuasive may suffer if this goes wrong. Hint: you don't want to succeed in this Nightmares challenge.

_ Nightmares challenge

Immerse yourself in the fountain

It's the nearest thing to weather they have in this place.
cloudssmall.png [Unlocked with Stormy-Eyed 1]

Chat to the guests

We recommend the ones whose heads are still attached to their bodies. We do not recommend the ones with other people's heads attached to their bodies. Especially where the head is attached to something other than the neck.

Reminisce about Fallen London

It's hard to know what's true and what's not. Your Watchful may suffer as you try to work that one out. Hint: you don't want to succeed in this Nightmares challenge.

_ Nightmares challenge

A word with the manager

You've finally cornered the manager.
Unlocks: Tracking down the Manager 5

Option 1: Complain to the manager

Explain in detail the vexations and harrassments you have suffered here.

Option 2: Thank the manager

Compliment him on the smooth running of his establishment.

Option 3: Speak to the manager about…

What? Tiny rectangular destinies? A garden of symbols? A dry fountain? The wizened father of mankind? A burning-eyed merchant of salvation?
Unlocks: Ambition: Heart's Desire - The Bishop of St Fiacre's 4.

Option 4: Ask the manager to make it rain

Maybe he knows how. It would be nice if it rained.
Unlocks: Stormy-Eyed 1

Ambition: Light Fingers!

The lady in the room next to yours reminds you of a friend you once had…

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers! 18

Option 1: An exchange of songs

If you sing to her, perhaps she'll just sing back. Surely she doesn't need a tonic. This place is full of hypochondriacs. And frogs. Kittens. Vile and impertinent lamps. Children who think you're their cousin. Enough! But this is dangerous. Who knows what might come out if she opens her mouth?

Option 2: What a lovely face you have

Unlocks: 1 x F.F. Gebrandt's Tincture of Vigour
The lady is heavily pregnant. You smile engagingly. She is wearing the Fading Music-Hall Singer's face, which seems rude. But one should be kind to the gravid. Will she sing for you, too? She may need a tonic to keep her voice in key.

Someone has been watching you through the keyhole of your room…

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers! 19
Someone has been watching you through the keyhole of your room. The indignity of it!

It's a maid!

Unlocks: Shadowy 50
The maids here have no eyes. They smell of fish and death. You should follow her and give her a piece of your mind! Where did she go?

Opportunities available:


A lost secret

You put a secret down. You did it just a moment ago! Someone must have stolen it!

Search for your missing secret

If it's here, you'll find it. You're good at secrets. That's how you got here, after all.

Wait for it to come back to you

Best way to find things. Ignore them till they turn up of their own accord.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.

Keep a weather eye open for it

You amuse yourself sometimes, you really do.
cloudssmall.png [Unlocked with Stormy-Eyed 1]

A plan occurs

Unlocks: Recurring Dreams: The Fire Sermon 1
What if you burnt down the hotel? That would show them, wouldn't it. What would they do then? With their hotel? Their burnt hotel?

Option 1: Start a fire in the kitchens.

Oh, this will be pretty!

Option 2: Set fire to your mirror

They won't expect that! They probably think silvered glass won't even burn! [This will take you somewhere else, with your dreams undamaged.]

This branch costs 11 Fate to play.


A single-minded gentleman

A guest has decided that you are going up to the roof to see the stars. He won't take no for an answer.

Option 1: Go with him

What harm can it do?

Option 2: Push him down the stairs

Him and his stars! Won't he just shut up for one second!


A lamentable affair

The woman next door has become quite obsessed with you. She knocks on the door in the middle of the night and insists on showing you her fossil collection. She always gets into the lift on your floor and complains about the holes in her stockings.

Spurn her advances

Well she's very charming, but you're not here for that sort of thing, are you?

Invite her back to your room

A fossil collection! And scarlet stockings? Who could refuse the offer of her company?

Invite her to discuss meteorology

Maybe the thunder spoke to her once too?
cloudssmall.png [Unlocked with Stormy-Eyed 1]

The view from your room [Standard]

Tonight the view from your window is of the bazaar, its bulbous bat-ringed spires rising benevolently over Fallen London.

Think on the city

Remember what it feels like to walk the streets?

Imagine there were weather.

What if the city had real storms again?
cloudssmall.png [Unlocked with Stormy-Eyed 1]

A shining nest

Unlocks: a nocturnal visitor to the Palace Cellars 1
Your mirror is full of snakes! How miraculous. You can make necklaces out of them. Shoelaces. Hammocks. So soft and shining and silver.

Make something sensible

Choose the sturdiest one.

Make a garland for your hair

Unlocks: Stormy-Eyed 1
Choose the prettiest one.


The view from your room

Unlocks: Recurring Dreams: Death by Water 1

Tonight, the view from your room is of a waste of water stretching off to the polar horizon. On the very brink of the horizon, impossibly north, something blinks at you, painfully bright. An iceberg? An eye?

Pretend it's not there

Just draw the curtains

A star!

Could it be Vega? Arcturus? The Evening Star? Is it trying to tell you something?
unlocked with Stormy-Eyed 1


The view from your room [Standard]

Tonight the view from your window is of the armies ringing the Fourth City, the night before it came underground.


What a sight it is.


What can this mean for your campaign?
pawnsmall.png [Unlocked with Dreaming Strange Dreams: A Game of Chess 5]

Wait for it to rain

Good luck to their camp-fires when it does.
cloudssmall.png [Unlocked with Stormy-Eyed 1]

Substantial Words

This room is too small for you and your words…

Open a window and howl

If you scream yourself hoarse, perhaps your words will scurry up to the Surface. Snuggle into a friend's ear like a centipede.
[This card appears with Standard frequency]

Auto-fire cards


The view from your room

Unlocks: Recurring Dreams: Death by Water 1


A lizard of distinction



A white cat!



A fungal bloom



Ceiling Cracks

There are matters of state exposed on the ceiling! -

Unlocked with A Scholar of the Correspondence 3


Skeins of blood

Unlocks: a Bringer of Death 1

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