Starveling Cat

Acquired through the storylet below

Pass the Cat: the Unwrapping!

Unlocks: A Nearly Unwrapped Cat?
A gently rustling box sits on your dining room table. Only one layer remains!

Option 1: Behold the cat

Luck Challenge: either way
You catch your breath. The last layer of paper lies within. What's in the box?


Talk to your Starveling Cat

It's not a charming creature. But with its mad yellow eyes, lashing tail and savage hunger, it is a distinctive one.

'Here, puss puss puss.'

The Starveling Cat glares at you. You think it's trying to decide whether you're edible.
Unlocks with: 1 x Starveling Cat

'Enough! Someone else can deal with you!

Perhaps you can persuade someone else to take on the ghastly responsibility of looking after the Starveling Cat.
Unlocks with: 1 x Starveling Cat

Another resident of Fallen London wishes you to look after this deranged and monstrous clot of spitting mangy fur.

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