Things to do in Spite...

More information on being an Agent of the Cheesemonger is on it's own page. This page lists the storylets that appear in Spite.


In a quiet side street in Spite

The Cheesemonger's shop in Spite peddles foul-smelling fungal ooze that has never been near any dairy…

Her appearance is perfect for Spite. A ragged old dress the colour of rotting brie, and red eyes that look like she's been crying. She has two potential jobs for you: one stealthy, one direct.
Unlocked with an agent of the Cheesemonger 7

Volunteer for the stealthy job

You'd rather not be seen. It makes it much harder to stab you in the face.

Volunteer for the more direct job

You'd rather not have to skulk around in the dark.


Robbing the cartographer

Does the Russian Cartographer ever leave his neat little garret?
Unlocked with an agent of the Cheesemonger 8
You will have to snatch the map from under his nose.

Take the… tablet?

The Cheesemonger neglected to mention that the 'map' is a twenty-pound clay affair. The Russian Cartographer has completed his copy. You need them both.
(Shadowy challenge, straightforward at 55)


Beating the Importer

The Swedish Importer has a shop tucked away in one of Spite's great market halls. She often works late.
Unlocked with an agent of the Cheesemonger 9

A personal service

One should attend to beatings personally. It shows care and dedication.
Unlocked with Dangerous 47
(Dangerous challenge; chancy at 50)


If you have the contacts, you may prefer to keep your knuckles clean and pay someone else.
Unlocked with Connected: Criminals 1, 200 x Jade Fragment.


(Red Card, no options. An expensive and discreet messenger approaches you.)
Unlocked with an agent of the Cheesemonger 10

The Ambassador's valet

The letter certainly bears the Cheesemonger's handwriting and salty perfume.

'I want someone escorted to my shop. He is currently employed as a valet to the Ambassador. Bring him to me from the palace, today. An account needs to be settled. Kill him if he won't come along.'

The valet will be at the Shuttered Palace. You should go there.


Having second thoughts

Is the Cheesemonger allowing her feelings to interfere with business? Who is this woman, really?
Unlocked with an agent of the Cheesemonger 12

Professional detachment

Her motives are none of your business. She pays well and the work is interesting. This is all that matters.

Burning curiosity

Perhaps you should find out more. Before her past gets in the way of your future.


Look into the Cheesemonger's past

How do you intend to find out more about the Cheesemonger?
Unlocked with an agent of the Cheesemonger 13

Money, as ever, has the most eloquent voice

Perhaps the spies clustered around the carnival could be persuaded to accept a few pearls.
Unlocked with Moon-pearl 600

Do the work yourself

You're a spy, aren't you? Do some spying. This could be risky if she finds out, though. Just how good are you? You don't want to get this one wrong.
(Watchful challenge, straightforward at 88)

Contacts in the Game

Quite a few people in the Game owe you favours. It is time to call some in.
Unlocked with Connected: The Great Game 15

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