Things to do in Spite...

When your Shadowy is 41-50

31-40 catsmall.png 51-60

Confound the Constables

The Constables have been paying inconvenient attention to your activities. Perhaps it is time to confuse their efforts.
newgatesmall.png [Unlocked with Suspicion 1]
catsmall.png [Unlocked with Shadowy 41] (No longer available with Shadowy 56)

A man with a past

You've found the name of the Inspector who is hunting you. In your experience, Inspectors can often be blackmailed.

_ Shadowy challenge

A riskier option: hide in a rookery

The dense slum of a rookery is a good place to hide, to catch something, to be stabbed…

_ Shadowy challenge

Burgle a grand residence

Your exploits as a burglar are becoming impressive. A Stuttering Fence has given you a lead on a bigger prize.
Unlocks: Shadowy 44 (No longer available with Shadowy 59)

Not the silver cutlery, this time

The lady of the house collects antiquities. Tonight, so do you.
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at Shadowy 53)

Books and papers

No servants are permitted in the attic. An insider tips you off that valuable papers are stored there. [Whether you succeed or fail, this will reduce your Scandal.]
(Shadowy challenge; chancy at 44)


Requires 3 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.


Help bring in smuggled tea under cover of darkness

They're not short of darkness in the Neath. They are short of reliable help, though.
Unlocks: Shadowy 45

A good opportunity to earn favour…

Smuggling operations along the river near Spite are the business of the woman they call the Gracious Widow. It might be profitable to earn her attention.
(Shadowy challenge; chancy at 54, modest at 50)


Avoid an unfair tax on jewels

Lamentably, Mr Stones imposes ever higher taxes on the import of jewels. You can help the Gracious Widow's people in their pursuit of free trade.
Unlocked with Shadowy 47

Retrieve 'costume' jewellery

The Gracious Widow works with a travelling troupe of entertainers. They bring costume jewellery into London each time they come. Some of this jewellery, beneath the paint, is really quite valuable.
Unlocked with Connected: The Orient 2
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 56)

Take one of the smaller pieces for yourself

Some stuff must go missing along the way, surely? …surely?
Unlocked with Connected: The Orient 2
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 59)


Waylay a weasel-seller

Weasels have become fashionable pets in the city of late: small, clean, fierce and very happy underground. You can find buyers for as many as you can steal.
Unlocks: Shadowy 49

'Weasels! Weasels! Weasels for all!'

The weasel-seller is approaching. You grip your blackjack and wait.
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 59)


Help bring in peach brandy

The Gracious Widow's people will pay well for the assistance of someone they can trust.
Unlocks: Shadowy 50

Steal a shipment of walking-canes

The brandy is stored in the flasks in the handles of a shipment of bamboo walking-sticks, in a warehouse down near Wolfstack. You'll need to get them out without attracting attention.
Unlocks: Connected: The Orient 5
(Shadowy challenge; straightforward at 59)

Sneak a sip of the brandy

The rumour is, it's made from the Peaches of Immortality. It's a competitor to Hesperidean Cider! Could it really give you eternal youth?
Unlocks: Connected: The Orient 15
(A matter of luck: the odds are against you here.)

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