Things to do in Spite...

When your Shadowy is 31-40

21-30 catsmall.png 41-50

Rob a honey den

Prisoner's honey, the drug of choice in Fallen London, isn't cheap. It follows that its purveyors can afford to spare a little cash.
Unlocked with Shadowy 32 (No longer available with Shadowy 47)

Shadows and honey

It will take stealth and speed, and you'll have to bribe a customer to fake a honey-addled seizure, but the honey pot is almost within your grasp.
(Shadowy challenge; high-risk at 34, modest at 38)


Does the Melancholy Curate have a connection with St Dunstans?

You probably won't pick up more than a few minor clues here. But perhaps it was worth the trip.
Unlocks with Persuasive 33, Intrigue: The curate and his sister 1, Investigating… 7 (No longer available with Persuasive 48)

Ask around about the Curate

He's distinctive enough. At least he'll be recognised. If only you can convince the surly, sneering, gin-raddled parishioners to talk.
(Persuasive challenge; chancy at 41)


Burgle a jeweller's shop

The jeweller's shop is just asking to be burgled. It would almost be rude not to.
Unlocked with Shadowy 33 (No longer available with Shadowy 48)

The thief's road

Up on to the rooftops, and in through the skylight with jemmy and sack.
(Shadowy challenge; modest at 38)


Case a mansion

The homes of the gentry call to burglars like honey to dreamers. A Stuttering Fence has given you a promising address.
Unlocked with Shadowy 35 (No longer available with Shadowy 50)

Valets and scullery maids

A servant's disguise should give you access to the grand residence. (requires Shadowy)
(Shadowy challenge; chancy at 38)

Circumspect criminal

Alternatively, you could simply observe the place.
(Watchful challenge; high-risk at 37, straightforward at 48)


Burgle a Glim assayer's office

You have no idea how Glim, the glittering material that falls into the Unterzee, is assayed. But you don't need to know to burgle the place.
Unlocked with Shadowy 38 (No longer available with Shadowy 53)

Villainy and daring

Those who certify and assess Glim are appointed by the Masters of the Bazaar. Most burglars wouldn't dare. Would you?
(Shadowy challenge; modest at 44)

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