Someone Is Coming
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Someone is Coming


Someone is Coming
Someone will be here soon.
Measures how long until the Capering Relicker finds you.

This Quality is obtained through many opportunity cards, such as Connection Dependent Cards, or certain remembering cards in London.

Levels in this Progress Quality are named.

  • 1 - Distant Footsteps
  • 2 - Distant Footsteps
  • 3 - Distant Footsteps
  • 4 - Getting Closer
  • 5 - Getting Closer
  • 6+ - Just Behind Your Shoulder

Once level 4 is reached, an opportunity card will appear, once level 6 is reached the card can be redeemed for items, and a substantial chunk of quality is removed [20cp].

Once enough of quality is gathered, an opportunity card will become available to those in London.


A Gift from the Capering Relicker

He drives a creaking green moss-covered cart and wears a mask. They call him the Capering Relicker. He has a gift for you.
[Unlocked with Someone is Coming 4]

A Scream for your Mantel

'They were thought most fashionable, long ago,' says the Capering Relicker. This will gain you Primordial Shrieks.
follow2small.png [Unlocked with Someone is Coming 4]

You just put it down for a moment

'Lost your soul, eh? Well, I might just have it here! And your contract too!' This will gain you souls and infernal contracts.
documentsmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Your very own Infernal Contract]
follow2small.png [Unlocked with Someone is Coming 4]

For someone who has it all, or at least most of it

'Well, aren't we just the very thing! Silver forks and silk garters! But there's something you don't have!' This will gain you Visions of the Surface.
diamondsmall.png [Unlocked with A Person of Some Importance A Significant Individual]
follow2small.png [Unlocked with Someone is Coming 4]

Not making much sense now

'Death and life and the half-stolen men! Shall I sing you a song from a far place?' This will gain you Maniac's Prayers.
rubberymansmall.png [Unlocked with investigating the Rubbery Murders 1]
follow2small.png [Unlocked with Someone is Coming 4]

This requires a fate-locked quality.

A present for your daughter

'Your daughter likes lies! But I only have truth on my cart today. Take some truth!' This will gain you Compromising Documents.
bohogirl2small.png [Unlocked with In contact with a Long-Lost Daughter 1]
follow2small.png [Unlocked with Someone is Coming 4]

This requires a fate-locked quality.

A dealer in souls

'A competitor! A rival in vital commerce! Let us mourn our perfidy together!' This will gain you Mourning Candles.
bottledsoulsmall.png [Unlocked with Involved in the Soul Trade 1]
follow2small.png [Unlocked with Someone is Coming 4]

This requires a fate-locked quality.

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